Don’t let the sweet exterior (and interior) fool you; a wedding cake is a powerful thing! Your wedding cake can make an absolutely incredible centrepiece — a true showstopper that is as much a piece of art as it is a delicious treat. But for newly-weds looking for that extra moment of wow factor, there are many creative ways to make your wedding cake as gorgeous on the inside as it is striking on the outside…

Choose a Unique Flavour

There are many options to make the inside of your cake visually stunning, and we’ll come to that, but beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. In my experience, it’s in the taste buds too.

Even if you want to play it safe with a vanilla tier to cater for the less adventurous, there’s nothing stopping you from incorporating something unique and delectable in another tier as your standout wedding cake flavour.

Eating slice of cake

Once upon a time, fruitcake might have been your only option, but in 2016 diversity is the flavour of the day. Whether it’s a twist on a favourite, like Fruitcake Without the Bits or Chocolate and Orange, or you’re preparing for your honeymoon with a tantalising Pina Colada cake, be brave, bold and choose beautiful flavours.

Also, don’t forget to check with your wedding guests for any special dietary requirements. You can always dedicate one tier or a smaller, separate cake to your guests who have religious, ethical or health-based dietary needs, while still enjoying the same exciting flavours. Let your cake designer know in advance if anyone has severe allergies so they can prepare and keep this cake away from anything that might cause the wrong type of reaction.

Baked-In Colourful Beauty

I’m sure that by now you’ve probably spent many hours on Pinterest and will be familiar with the concept of surprise-inside wedding cakes, but here are a few ideas to inspire you to go for your own.

There are so many types of cake with gorgeous surprises on the inside revealed with the first cut. One way to bring this trend to life is through clever use of colour. From rainbow cake (lots of small layers in a wonderful gradient of colour) to hearts (and hey, why not rainbow hearts!), from cherries to cute cartoon critters, from pretty polka dots to chic pinstripes, chevron zig zags to swirls of simple colour. A colourful, baked-in image is a gasp-worthy surprise for your guests.

Rainbow Cake with Striped Inside by GC Couture

Imagine cutting into your wedding cake to reveal a hidden picture or a message of love or congratulations inside. You could even surprise your new spouse with a message meant for them. Just make sure you let your photographer know in advance so they can snap a close-up of the sugary masterpiece.

A Sweet Treat Within a Sweet Treat

An alternative to a surprise colour-scape is baking a waterfall of sweet treats into the wedding cake itself so they cascade out when you cut the cake. This is also known as a piñata cake (although we’d advise cutting, rather than smashing it). It’s not limited to just sweets; you could use edible glitter, confetti, fresh berries and so on.


Bear in mind that this fantastically surprising moment may also cause a little bit of mess. Let your wedding venue know in advance that your cake comes with some tiny stowaways and to save that antique tablecloth for another reception! Oh and, as always, let your photographer and/or videographer know so they’re ready to capture the moment.

Now Put it All Together

Take this fun and cute idea even further by matching up your surprise-inside cake to your wedding theme. If you have a very specific colour scheme incorporate that into your in-cake art. For a frosty, wintry theme an explosion of white glitter could be simply delightful. If hearts are prominent in your motif you could represent them in your cake too.

You should, of course, think about how the inside and outside of the wedding cake complement each other. Chat to your cake designer about your vision; you never know, an existing design might match what you plan to put inside perfectly, or you might just give your designer a jolt of inspiration for a bespoke beauty.

Finally, tie everything together by matching your flavour to the inside of your cake. Choose the flavour that best represents all of the above factors. For example, Lime and Coconut for a beach-inspired wedding, Red Velvet for a Moulin Rouge theme, Apple Crumble for an autumn wedding, and so on.

So now you know what your options are when it comes to a wedding cake creation with inner beauty. Whatever you decide, have fun consulting with your designer, don’t be afraid to bring it all together for a delicious and visually arresting experience, and remember, the fewer people who know your plans the bigger the surprise!

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

Cake Slice: Pexels

Rainbow Cake: GC Couture

Smarties: Pixabay