Ordering a bespoke wedding cake can be a very delicate process. As a bride or groom you’re not expected to be a designer — likewise, your cake designer isn’t a mind reader. This means you need to relay what’s in your head to your cake supplier with the utmost of care. So, in this guide I’ll explain how to work with your cake designer to get the bespoke wedding cake you really want.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The old cliché is true — pictures will give your cake designer a much more vivid idea of what you want your bespoke wedding cake to look like than trying to explain it with words.

Whether you’re a fan of old-school scrapbooking or you go down the route of a shared Pinterest board, communicating visually will really help your cake designer understand your style.

Put Your Cake in Context

Give your cake designer as much information about your wedding as possible. What is your colour scheme? Which flowers are you having? In which room will you display the cake? Do you have a wedding theme? The more your designer knows about your wedding the more they can make sure your bespoke wedding cake fits seamlessly into your overall wedding design, but still stands out in all the right ways.

Rani Wedding Cake with Swirl and Crystal Design

Be Clear About Your Expectations

Are you happy for your cake designer to use some creative license, or would you like them to create exactly what you’re asking for to the letter?

Bear in mind that a cake company will not be able to emulate the design of another vendor, as that’s plagiarism. However, they may offer up similar alternatives inspired by pictures you’ve shown them.

Tell Them if You’re Not Happy

Your cake designer is unlikely to whip up a bespoke tiered masterpiece before they’ve run it by you. A good designer will show you sketches and ideas before they go ahead with the final product.

The design stage is the time to speak up if you’re not 100% convinced. While you may have difficulty saying you don’t like something, it’s better your designer knows as soon as possible so they can make changes while there’s still time.

Take Taste into Account

A bespoke wedding cake is just as much about the cake flavour as it is about the grand design. This is the bit you can really enjoy. You shouldn’t be limited to one overall flavour, so choose a different taste for each tier if you like, or stick with your favourite. Cakes are for eating, after all.

Choosing a pre-designed wedding cake can be an easier and less costly option to a bespoke wedding cake, but if you want a cake that’s truly you, follow these tips and you’ll end up with a feast for both the eyes and stomach.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Image of Rani Wedding Cake from GC Couture