It’s that time of year again when we are counting down to Christmas. But for those of you planning a Christmas wedding, the annual festivities probably aren’t the most important celebrations on your mind. To help plough through your to-do list, this article focuses on ‘Artistic Christmas Wedding Cakes’. With your cake researched that’s one thing taken care of and you can justify some merriment this Christmas!

What is an Artistic Christmas Wedding Cake?

To me, the word artistic represents ideas of creativity. Thinking outside of the norm, having a focus on aesthetics, and using a certain level of skill to produce something both stunning and somewhat unique. An artistic Christmas wedding cake therefore captures all these concepts.

White Wedding Cake with Fir Trees

From hand-painted to floral designs, an artistic Christmas wedding cake can be very modern and style-focused, and is sure to impress your guests. Your wedding cake will be talked about at Christmas get-togethers for years to come!

Why Not Just Choose a Christmas Cake?

With so many costs to consider when planning your wedding I can easily see why saving on a wedding cake in favour of a standard Christmas cake might seem like a good idea. Hey, who am I to stand in your way if it’s what you really want? However, just take a moment to consider…

When you look back on your wedding photos, do you really want to see you and your spouse cutting into a novelty Christmas cake with a pretend chimney on top and Father Christmas’ legs sticking out? Or, even if you go down a more basic decorative approach, how would you feel if your friends and family looked at your wedding cake and thought their own Christmas creations at home looked as good or, worse still, better than the most significant cake of your life?

Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf and White Rose

If you have chosen to marry at Christmas it’s probably safe to say you like this time of year. But I’m guessing many couples don’t want an all out ‘themed’ day, and instead just want hints of Christmas magic to add to their overall vision. Choosing an artistic Christmas wedding cake design ensures your cake is both in keeping with your ideas and still modern and style-focused.

How to Choose an Artistic Christmas Wedding Cake Design

When it comes to choosing a design, think about your own style and personality as a couple and the overall feel you want to achieve on the day. If you both like being outside then a nature-inspired element might be a good option. Or, if you are after a romantic vibe for the day, then adding plenty of texture could be what you need.

Winter Skiing Wedding Cake

Wintery inspiration and accents of Christmas in your cake design will add to the magic of your day, but to keep your design artistic, always bring the focus back to being creative, unexpected, aesthetically pleasing, and skilfully unique. Avoid anything too comical or gimmicky as this will quickly tip into looking like a novelty Christmas cake. Also, don’t feel constrained by ‘Christmas colours’.

You can achieve a hint of Christmas from a simple holly leaf and some berries, a suggestion of snow, or patterns associated with the festive season.

Gingerbread House Christmas Wedding Cake

If you want to capture that Christmas concept in your cake design, but without risking it competing with your grandma’s annual masterpiece, ask your cake designer to create an artistic Christmas wedding cake.

Guest post by Kerri Awosile of Brambleolai

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White Wedding Cake with Fir Trees: Brambleolai

Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf and White Rose: White Rose Cake Design, Picture by Lianne Gray Photography

Winter Skiing Wedding Cake: Nevie-Pie Cakes

Gingerbread House Wedding Cake: Zaza Marcelle