When it comes to wedding cakes the choice of flavours is vast. I am often surprised to find that some people still think a wedding cake has to be a rich fruit cake. Whilst this is still the traditional choice (and the necessary choice if you want to keep the top tier for a 1st anniversary or christening), nowadays your choice of wedding cake flavour is far more extensive.

Bride and groom about to eat wedding cake

Many cake designers offer lots of different flavour options, and if you have a favourite flavour that you don’t see on your cake maker’s list then be sure to ask if they can make it for you.

Things to Consider

Choosing your wedding cake flavour may simply come down to your favourite, but you may want to also consider your guests’ preferences. Each tier of your wedding cake can be an entirely different flavour so you can please your guests while at the same time indulging your taste-buds.

Also think about the dessert choice at your wedding breakfast. If you are having a chocolate dessert perhaps choose a lemon cake. If you are having a fruity dessert you may want to treat your guests to a little chocolate fudge cake.

It is also popular to use wedding cake as dessert, and being able to choose such wonderful flavours makes this option a good one. Ask your caterer to provide some fresh cream, ice-cream and fruit coulis to serve with each cake portion to turn the wedding cake into an even more delicious pudding!

Find out which wedding cake flavour most suits you and your wedding by taking our quiz.

Guest post by May Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie

Image from Paola De Paola Photography