Whether you are using Pinterest, Instagram or other tools to draw inspiration for your wedding, you may have noticed how common it is to experience wedding trends that come and go over time. Wedding entertainment is just as trend driven as the rest of your wedding details. With pop culture, current news affairs and popularity spikes affecting the way couples choose to entertain their guests, let us give you the low-down on the likely wedding entertainment trends in 2019.

The Meghan Effect

Possibly the biggest influence on bridal and wedding trends in recent history is the royal wedding and ‘The Meghan Markle Effect’. Certain fashion brands have seen an influx of interest following Meghan sporting their goods, causing a huge wave of exposure for designers and companies. But what does the royal wedding mean for entertainment?

Wedding String Quartet

Timeless, classical touches graced the royal wedding, from cellists to choirs. This quintessentially British wedding will see couples look for similar classical options such as string quartets and harpists for their celebrations in 2019.

Saxophone and DJ

In years past there have usually been two main musical options for the evening reception. You either have an awesome live wedding band or an amazing DJ to fill the dance floor. Things are starting to change though!

Saxophonist Perfoming at Wedding

The rise in Sax and DJ collaborations has seen its way into many weddings during 2018, and the trend continues to be popular with couples booking their wedding music for 2019. The perfect blend of live performance and DJ music means you can have that ‘club’ or ‘Ibiza’ feel on your wedding night.

Unique Entertainment

Many couples will be looking for ways to make their wedding stand out. One of the best ways of doing this is by adding unique entertainment to surprise guests.

Fire Performer

Couples are becoming more comfortable with trying new things on their wedding day, and we expect even more quirky celebrations next year! From fire performers to LED light up musicians and percussionists, don’t be surprised if you see more of these alternative options for wedding entertainment in 2019.

Guest post by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Images from Warble Entertainment