Music lovers are everywhere, and music is an essential part of any wedding day. Selecting the right music will ensure your guests feel good and might even get up to dance. The right tune will have a lasting impact on the people around you. But suppose you are planning an outdoor wedding — what music will make the occasion special?

You can choose the best décor and delicious food for your wedding, but if you ignore the music it will adversely affect the whole day. Since you are planning an outdoor wedding you need to make it exciting, and you’ll need to hire the best wedding musicians for the job. So, below we have compiled a list of nine of our top outdoor wedding music ideas…

Acoustic Roaming Band

An acoustic roaming band is an exceptional music choice for an outdoor wedding. As the name suggests, a roaming band roams around, mixing and mingling with your guests. They encourage guests to join in and sing along to pop classics that everyone will enjoy.

A roaming band usually consists of around two to five musicians, playing instruments such as acoustic guitars, double bass, snare drum, and even saxophone. It is a music act sure to provide a great day’s entertainment and lift your outdoor wedding to another level.

Acoustic roaming band

A Solo Acoustic Guitarist

One of the best outdoor wedding music ideas is a solo, singing guitarist. As well as playing your favourite songs, it is a cost-saving option too, because you are only paying one person. An acoustic guitarist is a great choice, especially when you are price-conscious or have a tight budget.

A String Quartet

To be honest, there is nothing like the string quartet. It doesn’t matter whether you want to hear something classic or prefer some classy pop tunes, a string quartet can play them all. A string ensemble will also add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor wedding proceedings. Just remember when you book a string quartet that you will need to provide four armless chairs so they can play their instruments freely.

String quartet

Strolling Brass Band

Similar to a roaming band, but this time a complete brass section. They will have you tapping your feet and dancing to funky classics, while bringing their own unique arrangements to your favourite tunes. A strolling brass band will give a real wow factor to your outdoor wedding music.

Mumford Style Folk Band

If you are planning a festival or rustic style wedding then a Mumford style band is the way to go. They are now the number one choice for outdoor festival wedding music, performing hits from the number one folk-rock band Mumford and Sons, plus songs from the likes of The Lumineers and George Ezra, as well as putting a folk twist on classics from bands like The Beatles. Make no mistake, a modern folk-rock band will have you up and dancing the night away.

Folk band


If you want something more traditional for your big day you could consider a harpist. With the help of 47 strings, the sound will uplift the ambience of the surroundings for sure. It is a unique way to enjoy your outdoor wedding.

Many couples like to have something traditional on their special occasion, and a harpist is an awesome idea. Going traditional is a great way to make your guests feel on top of the world.

Acoustic Duos

Another popular option for outdoor wedding music is an acoustic guitarist and singer. Performing either chilled out songs or more uplifting songs you can dance to, they always have a vast repertoire to choose from. Expect stripped-back versions of popular chart hits from the 60’s to the present day.

Acoustic duo providing outdoor wedding music

Barbershop Choir

Ever thought of a barbershop choir? If one person could make a lasting impact on your audience, imagine what a group of singers would do. They can produce robust music that will resonate in the minds for a long. It is time to go bold and highlight your music taste through the experts.

Barbershop choirs sing in harmony to create something amazing, and you can ask them to present a unique tune to feel good. Listening to the same songs can be boring for people, so add excitement to your wedding music and make it inspiring.

Jazz Bands

Last but not least we have a very fashionable jazz band. Jazz never seems to go out of style and is continually reinventing itself. With the emergence of postmodern jukebox, where you take a new song and perform it in an old fashioned way, these new-style vintage jazz bands are becoming ever more popular and are an excellent option for weddings.

Final Tips

Music is an essential part of modern-day weddings, so choose your favourite genre and enjoy the day. Remember to plan things well ahead of time, make sure you know what you want, and if you can consider the taste of guests it would be awesome. It is also good to talk to the band/musician before finalising everything with them.

Finally, read reviews of the band before hiring. This will give you a clearer idea of their style and help you make the right choice for your outdoor wedding music.

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