Choosing the entertainment for your wedding can be a fun and exciting task as you visualise all those smiling, happy faces on the day as your choice goes down a storm. Personal preference will dictate the kind of entertainment you will be looking to select, but no matter whether your tastes err on the traditional side or you are the sort of couple who look towards more contemporary ideas, there are many options you can take into consideration, which this article will explore.

Traditional Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Jazz band

Jazz bands are generally extremely flexible when it comes to performing at weddings. At home jazz music, ballads or interpretations of popular songs are normally all within a good jazz band’s remit, and can create a classy atmosphere at the same time as getting feet tapping and bodies on the dance floor. A great choice for drinks receptions, wedding breakfasts or the main evening entertainment, a jazz band allows you to put your own stamp on the entertainment throughout the day.

Jazz Band Trumpet Player


Having the right DJ as part of your wedding entertainment package can afford you the ability to pinpoint to a high degree of precision the exact tone you wish to strike, as well as the balance between contemporary and traditional. You can and almost certainly should give the DJ some flexibility — after all, you may discover some new music you love — but giving them some parameters will help them to fulfil your expectations and they will be grateful for the guidance.

Acoustic Wedding Singer

There is something extremely pure and wholesome about an acoustic wedding singer — a person with their guitar and a connection with the audience. Acoustic wedding singers will usually be happy to accept requests, making for an interactive experience to remember, but will also play some beautiful instrumental numbers when the occasion suits.

Acoustic Guitarist

Modern Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Granted, casinos are not entirely contemporary, but the idea of bringing the casino experience into the wedding environment certainly is. There are plenty of cashless casino options, so you can have all the fun with none of the stress and risk!

Playing cards being throw across table

Quirky Drink Servers

Even serving drinks can be turned into a form of entertainment thanks to companies that specialise in the art. You can have servers pass among guests on old-fashioned bicycles or tricycles with cocktail glasses, enchanting your guests with their multi-tasking skills, or waitresses with champagne flutes arranged about their skirts is another fun idea!


One of the keys to a successful wedding is keeping your guests talking. Obviously the flow of drinks can be a big factor in this, but there will always be people who don’t or can’t have much to drink, and this is where entertainment like caricaturists can work wonders. The act of creating funny likenesses of guests on pen and paper is a guaranteed conversation (and laugh) generator!

Fire Dancers

Perfect for the evening entertainment slot, fire dancers introduce a guaranteed ‘wow factor’ and that element of jeopardy that sets the pulse racing and adds a real point of difference to your wedding entertainment programme.

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