If you’re planning on having a wedding video, here are 10 dos and don’ts you should consider to ensure your big day is captured perfectly…

1. Don’t just look at the images when you watch videographers’ sample DVDs. Remember to check the quality of the sound as well — can you hear the vows? Also look at the editing. Good editing should be barely noticeable, while clunky jump cuts and cheesy transitions can ruin a wedding video.

2. Do hire a member of an official body such as the Institute of Videography or the Association of Professional Videomakers. Both require members to have Public Liability Insurance (required by some wedding venues) and follow a code of conduct. The IOV also has an arbitration service to help you negotiate with your videographer just in case something does go wrong.

3. Don’t leave it until the last minute to book. Summer weekends especially get booked up early. If you’ve already left it late it’s still worth a try, but booking as early as possible will give you the best choice of wedding videographers.

Videographer Holding Video Camera

4. Do meet the person who will actually be filming. Remember these people will be attending your wedding and sometimes interacting with your guests. If you don’t get on, do you really want them there?

5. Don’t book on price alone. Editing a great video takes a lot of time and you get what you pay for.

6. Do get a contract that spells out what is or isn’t included. If you have any questions about what you’re getting make sure you ask before you pay your deposit.

7. Don’t worry about feeling self-conscious on film. You’re already the centre of attention and there’s so much else going on that you probably won’t even notice the cameras on the day.

8. Do give your videographer a detailed itinerary as soon as you can so they don’t miss anything. Also, if either of you is planning a surprise for the other, let your videographer know in advance. They won’t spill the beans!

9. Don’t take the risk of using an amateur to record one of the most important days of your life. Chances are you’ll regret it when you watch the result.

10. Do see your wedding video as an investment. The flowers, cake, dress and so many other details you’ll have spent so much time and money on are just for the day, but video lasts a lifetime.

Guest post by Jim Cliff

Image from Unsplash