A same-day-edit wedding video (often abbreviated to SDE video) is a short video that your wedding videographer will produce for you on the day of your wedding. Sometimes called a wedding-day-edit video, it’s usually shown to guests during the evening reception to help them to relive some of the most precious moments.

An SDE wedding video will generally include footage from the ceremony or pre-ceremony, along with defining events that have taken place earlier in the day.

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Why Choose a Same-Day-Edit Wedding Video?

There are several reasons why SDE wedding videos are becoming more and more popular. With most wedding videos, couples have to wait at least few months to see their special day on screen, which can be an anxious wait for many couples. An SDE video provides a great preview of how the main video will look.

On top of this, it is a great way for guests who may not have attended the ceremony or other parts of the wedding, to feel part of the whole event. For the guests who were there, it’s great for them see themselves on video in their best suit or dress!

SDE wedding videos help to heighten those special moments: the groom’s anticipation before the bride walks down the aisle; the exchanging of vows; the first kiss. There’s no doubt that the emotion of the big day will fade, especially for guests, so what better time to show the video than when it means the most?

Another truth of anyone’s wedding day is that the couple may unfortunately miss out on some moments. With heightened nerves the day may feel like a blur, meaning they can’t appreciate some of the more tender moments from their guests. These could include seeing how close relatives respond to the ceremony, or how guests are enjoying the venue and décor.

Social media now plays a massive part in most modern weddings, and another benefit of SDE wedding videos is you can share them almost instantly. This means the couple, or even guests, can spread the joy of the day to friends or relatives who were unable to attend.

Important Points to Remember

SDE videos are edited on-site, so the videographer will need a quiet room to edit the footage in, which can take up to six hours. Due to this the video is often shown around 10-11pm.

The videos are generally around two or three minutes long and usually feature a voice-over from the wedding vows. You’ll also need to discuss music options with your videographer beforehand.

Finally, remember to ask your wedding venue or planner if they have a projector and screen to show the video to your guests.

An SDE wedding video allows you to see your most special moments when they mean the most to you and your guests. So, why not check if your wedding videographer can provide this service for your special day?

Guest post by Matthew Pavli of HD Moments

Image from HD Moments