So you’re getting married — congratulations! You’ll probably already have an idea in your head of the style of photographer you want. Photography is usually one of the most important considerations for any couple planning their wedding, but way down many couples’ lists is wedding videography. Perhaps it’s the stereotype of the 80’s style wedding film which, by the way, should stay in the 80s.

It could be that you’re worried about being on camera or in focus all day, or the intrusion of more cameras than just the photographer’s. Or it could you don’t realise the worth of a well-made wedding film, which in turn reflects where you place this service in your order of priorities and ultimately the budget you have ‘left over’ for a wedding film.

So it’s up to planners, blogs and wedding videographers themselves to allay those so-called concerns and convince you that a well made wedding film is worth its weight in gold…

Telling Your Story

Marilou and Andy had booked everything for their wedding in May last year at The Priory Cottages. A wedding video, as is often the case, wasn’t even on their radar, and it was actually a friend who suggested they should consider one. I can honestly say that it wasn’t until they saw their own film that they realised the significance of their investment.

“When my husband and I sat together to watch the ‘sneak peek’ film both of us had tears streaming down our faces. It told a story. Actually, it told our story, and in a way that a photograph never could.”

And this is the point. A photograph captures a moment in time — a film is much more than that. Moving images with sound capture the atmosphere and the emotion of the wedding day in a way a photograph never could. Hearing your vows all over again, watching the speeches and listening to the nervousness or excitement and joy in people’s voices. This is something only a wedding film can capture.


It’s a sad thought, but couples have booked me simply because they have an elderly or ill relative they want to remember in a special way. They understand that this is the only way they might be able to feel close to them, over and over again. A bride once ordered a film of the wedding speeches in full because her step-father had died unexpectedly and she couldn’t remember what he’d said to her on the day.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? Your wedding day goes by in a whirl. There isn’t time to chat to everyone you’ve invited. You can’t possibly see all the happiness of the day. You have to have your photographs done, you’re sitting on the top table, and you haven’t got eyes in the back of your head to watch your friends and family’s reaction to when you’re exchanging rings. And what about having the chance to see what each of you have been up to on the morning of the wedding, when you’re both getting ready, or in the moments before you actually say I do?


Remove those fears of a wedding videographer being intrusive too. Any experienced filmmaker will be no more or less part of your day than anyone else. We’re here to help your day run smoothly, just like every other supplier on the day.

As for the kit — well that depends on the videographer you choose and should be part of the selection process. Yes, some have a lot of kit, but most, like myself, have a camera no bigger than the photographer’s. I can’t tell you how many times wedding guests come up to me and ask me to ‘take their photo’. The only clue is that there’s usually a small microphone attached to the top of the camera itself, and most videographers also use a monopod.

Finally, after the day itself, what better way to share it than with your film trailer that you can share anytime, anywhere on your mobile device? It’s a lot easier to share these highlights in a film trailer than in an album of hundreds of photographs.

Clare and David from Dublin now live in Dubai and decided to marry in France. Not everyone could make it to their wedding, and I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons why within two days of having this trailer it was watched over a thousand times..

A well-made wedding film simply brings your day back to life again. And again.

Still not convinced you should have a wedding video? Well don’t take my word for it — perhaps Marilou and Andy can help with that…

Guest post by Emma Wilson of Story Of Your Day

Image and Videos from Story of Your Day