Your wedding photos are a memento to last a lifetime, so it is important that you look and feel your best. You wouldn’t want to look back in years to come and wonder why on earth you chose groomswear with a garish colour or busy pattern. Nothing works better or is more satisfying than a timeless, classic suit.

A waistcoat can transform a simple wedding suit into something more interesting with minimal effort, whilst maintaining a classy appearance. A waistcoat will not only add a splash of colour and character to your suit, if you so wish, but it will also allow you to remove your jacket if the heat of a crowded wedding venue gets too much, whilst still upholding formality.

Groomsmen in Mismatched Waistcoats

Waistcoat Styles and Patterns

If you choose to opt for a more traditional style of waistcoat, grey or black regular or double breasted styles would be suitable. These colours complement most typical wedding suit colours and allow you to add your own personal touch with your cravat or tie.

Groom Doing Up Buttons on Plain Navy Blue Waistcoat

Groom Wearing Plain Black Waistcoat and Suit

Groom and Best Man Wearing Plain Grey Waistcoats and Suits

However, if you would prefer something less plain, a fine pinstripe, pinhead or subtle floral style embroidery in a nice shade would work just as well.

Groom Wearing Pinstripe Waistcoat

Groom Wearing White and Silver Striped Waistcoat and Cravat

Blue Check Tartan Waistcoat

Groom Wearing Red Swirl Waiscoat Standing Next to Bride

Groomsmen Wearing Grey Check Waistcoats

Groom Wearing Cream Patterned Waistcoat Under Dark Suit

Groom Wearing Purple Waistcoat with Bride in Green Dress

Groom Doing Up Buttons on Tweed Red Check Waistcoat

Waistcoat Materials

Be cautious when choosing your wedding waistcoat, as the quality and type of material can tarnish the image you want to achieve. Opt for silk, satin or a woollen blend to complete your timeless wedding day look.

Guest post by Chris Burns of Young’s Hire

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Pinstripe: Paco and Betty

White and Silver Stripe: Pixies in the Cellar

Tartan: Hayley Ruth Photography

Red Swirl: Alexandra Jane Photography

Grey Check: Jess Yarwood Photography

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