In the world of contemporary men’s wedding suits, more or less anything goes. These days you really do have a whole world of options compared to generations past. No longer are you restricted to morning tailcoats — although that option is still there if you choose to go for it. With groom’s suits there is no right or wrong choice, only what suits you best. In this article we’ll look at some of the more enticing contemporary suit choices, including some ideas you may not have thought of.

The Green Theme

With the environment at the forefront of many minds, and many of us having reconnected with the natural world in the various lockdowns, perhaps you might like to pay homage to this with a green-themed dress code. There are some stunning sage or fern green linen suits on the market, perfect for a summer wedding. They stand out beautifully when paired with a comfortable white linen shirt too. Understated as an option it may be, but for many this kind of choice makes for a far more relaxed wedding day.

An alternate way to go green is with a tweed three-piece with velvet trim. A perfect candidate for a country or outdoor wedding, this is an option best paired with a white shirt and a pocket watch. Tweeds are really in vogue, so this is a perfect traditional, yet contemporary choice.

Green groom suit

Mid-Brown Three Piece — A Modern Revisit to a Romantic Look

Why not take a look at a mid/dark brown classic summer season suit. Another linen option, this combination features a hip-length coat with two deeper pockets at the bottom and a breast pocket. Matching trousers and waistcoat give this look a really romantic, Pride and Prejudice feel, and it’s perfect for a country, garden or seaside wedding.

Back in Black — A Modern Twist On An Elegant Classic

Black tie is a classic, timeless choice for a groom’s suit — ticking all the boxes when it comes to being formal and eye-catching. You get that James Bond or red carpet feeling, and with a little tweak you can even add a contemporary twist.

Traditionally the black tie jacket is in wool, but how about a velvet jacket to mix things up? Maintaining the classic options of black bow tie, white dress shirt and tapered trousers, your one mix-up will stand out and make for a memorable, unique wedding suit.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange is highlighted here as a prominent trend in men’s suits. It is also a far more versatile and diverse colour than it is given credit for. You have the option of a Mediterranean look in the form of a burnt orange wool/linen blend suit, making for a truly striking summer wedding option. Alternatively, a deeper rust herringbone tweed three-piece will make for a spectacular autumnal choice.

Made to measure

Finally, it is definitely worth investigating the ‘made to measure’ option, as no matter which of the above options intrigues you, your final choice will be all the better with the perfect cut.

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