Like all fashions, men’s suit trends come and go in cycles. While 2019 was certainly a great year for the suit (and weddings), many are predicting 2020 will push the envelope even further. Whether you’re a groom or guest, if you’re in the market for an on-trend suit for a wedding, keep your eyes peeled for some of these newer styles in 2020.


If you’re invited to a wedding in 2020, or getting married yourself, there’s a good chance the event will be more casual, outdoors, or with a slight country or Bohemian flair. There’s no two ways about it, a tweed jacket and trousers keep you looking smart even when the occasion is a little more laid-back.

Designers are bringing a more youthful look to this old-school texture, though. Heritage tweeds get an update when paired with sneakers, an open neck, and razor-sharp collars.

Groom Wearing Glitter Wedding Suit


Weddings are notoriously monochrome, but the tide may be slowly turning. If you always default to a blue suit, why not try a more daring shade, like a rich turquoise? Greys and browns are still as popular as ever, but men’s suits are now expected to appear in more adventurous colours like deep emeralds, reds or tweed greens.

If you’re not ready for full-blown colour, you may find it easier to add just a splash in contrasting piping, buttons, or a tie for a cheeky pop of colour.

Bold Checks

In 2020 wedding suits are set to see a year of experimentation, with designers favouring large, audacious check prints, ginghams and oversized tweeds. Windowpane check suits with coordinating waistcoats and snappy looking ties are a showstopper, but just make sure it fits like a glove, and keep the rest of your look toned down.

Single Breasted and Simple

To be fair, the classic British dinner suit never really went out of fashion. The only difference is that you now have more range than simply going for boring black or navy. Overall, wedding trends haven’t exactly calmed down in recent years, but they are paving the way for more grown-up charm.

If the wedding is indoors, at night or slightly more formal, go for a simple, elegant dinner suit and crisp white shirt. A single breasted, charcoal suit is all you need — whether you pair it with a narrow contrasting tie, a more formal bow tie, or even an open neck. Button the jacket, polish your shoes and you’re ready for a cocktail.

Fashions in men’s suits are constantly shifting, but thankfully it doesn’t take much to put together an up-to-date look. Any man can make these wedding suit trends work, but whatever you go for, wear it with attitude — 2020 is the year to flaunt it.

Guest post and image by Cathy White of Suit Direct