Two of TV’s favourite characters, Patsy and Eddy, hit the silver screen this summer, proving that some things never go out of fashion. Ab Fab certainly didn’t, and an Absolutely Fabulous wedding theme would be great fun for your reception if you’re feeling adventurous.

Now we’re not suggesting that the bride does a Patsy and gets rolling drunk, but the sitcom girls were all about the fashion so there’s plenty of scope for some stunning retro costumes.

Your wedding guests would love a 90’s theme, and how about kitting the bridesmaids out as some of the main characters from the show? Throw in huge early-90’s mobile phones (bricks), loop earrings the size of hula-hoops, and of course some OTT shoulder pads, and you’ll all rock the look.

Here are a few entertainment ideas to get that Absolutely Fabulous wedding reception in full swing…

Patsy Lookalike

If there’s one lookalike sure to wow your family, friends and distant relatives it’s the irrepressible Patsy. The blonde beehive hairdo, the brash and often smudged shocking red lipstick, and, of course, the cigarette hanging precariously from the corner of her mouth. Hire a professional lookalike who will interact with your guests, deliver the one-liners and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Patsy Lookalike Entertainment Act for Absolutely Fabulous Wedding Theme

Champers, Darling?

Who doesn’t like a glass of Champagne? It’s essential to get those bubbles flowing as your guests arrive at your Absolutely Fabulous wedding; Eddy and Patsy would demand that it was Bollinger! You’ve already adopted some great props so get the catering team into the spirit with a few fabulous phrases as they dish out the sparkling top-ups.

Paparazzi Photographer

You’re sure to have a wedding photographer on your never-ending list of things to arrange, but don’t forget to ask your guests to send you the snaps they take on the night. Those spur-of-the-moment glitzy images captured on mobile phones can frame your party vibe perfectly.

Paparazzi Photographers Entertainment Act

Another option is to book the paparazzi. You know, those relentless photo-journalists who follow the A-list stars from the ballroom to the bathroom! I wouldn’t recommend that, but a well-drilled paparazzi photographer will get their flash bulb amongst your guests as they dance the night away. They’ll also dress to suit the occasion.

Essential 90’s Band or DJ

Most weddings adopt a music theme, and you can’t go far wrong with a 90’s playlist that will surely include the Britpop classics; some Pet Shop Boys, Madonna and the Spice Girls. Hiring an act that performs your favourite tracks is easy, and some might get into Ab-Fab character for you too. Oh, and make sure the band slots ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’ somewhere into their set!

The Catwalk

If you’ve embraced the whole Absolutely Fabulous razzmatazz at your wedding then you must showcase those stunning outfits that your guests will have put so much effort into creating. If you can, utilise a stage area (safely), or place some rope barriers and a stretch of red carpet somewhere prominent so that the exhibitionists can flaunt their frocks. The photographer will love it!

The list of ideas is endless. The 90s was fun, very different and wild. Go on Sweetie, enjoy it!

Guest post by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

Image from Warble Entertainment