In my last article I talked to you about gold bridal accessories coming back into fashion, but we find that silver is still most brides’ preferred setting as it works well with most shades of wedding gown (silver looks particularly good with diamond-white dresses) and skin tones. Unlike gold which need to be subtle so the overall look is not too heavy, silver bridal accessories can sometimes look understated. The trick is to pick pieces embellished with pearls, diamanté or elaborate floral designs.

Hailey Renaissance Silver Pearl Necklace

Vintage designed and art-deco inspired jewellery and hair accessories also tend to work best with silver settings. Twenties-inspired or modern, short wedding dresses are best complemented by silver bridal accessories.

So, here are some ideas of how to wear silver with style.

Silver Pearl Hair Comb

Mini combs boasting creamy freshwater pearls, or long side combs with a spray of pearls, are very romantic…

Nahla Silver and Pearl Mini Bridal Hair Comb

Silver Tiara

Few brides will have family diamond tiara heirlooms to pick from. However, choose a regal style tiara set with diamanté on silver setting and, voila — you have a very expensive-looking imitation…

Diamante Regal Silver Tiara

Silver Pendants and Earrings

Gorgeous vintage inspired designs have given simple pendants and bridal earrings a new lease of life. If you are wearing a fairly simple wedding gown I would suggest you go to town with your silver bridal accessories and choose statement jewellery or earrings…

Ariella Silver Diamante Bridal Earrings

Madeline Art Deco Silver Diamante Bracelet

Guest post by Sangeeta Laudus of Olivier Laudus

Images from Olivier Laudus