The tradition of wearing elegant jewellery and a beautiful gown on your wedding day is a custom that evolves and adjusts with time and fashion. But if there is one fashion that never goes out of style it is wearing pearl bridal jewellery or accessories on your wedding day.

Pearls have been cherished and valued for centuries. The ancient Greeks associated the pearl with love, marriage and unrivalled beauty, believing it would promote marital harmony. Today pearls symbolise love, success, wisdom, health, wealth, and purity. So, all the more reason why brides might want to consider wearing pearls on their wedding day.

Throughout history pearls have been at the height of wedding fashion, and the tradition continues to this day. From wedding veils and headpieces to shoe details or wedding gown buttons, there are plenty of ways to include pearl bridal jewellery and accessories. I have put together the following options for you to consider.

Pearl Detailed Veils

Veils can be as simple or as ornate as you like, and the style you choose will often be dependent on the design of your dress. I have chosen two very different styles of veils that would work well with both traditional and more vintage style dresses.

The first option is the Rainbow Club Avalanche veil, that has the subtlest scattering of pearls. This veil would work well with many different dresses, with just a hint of detail on a very simple style of veil.

Avalanche Scattered Pearl Veil by Rainbow Club

The second option is the gorgeous Jannie Baltzer Joy veil, which is more of a statement piece. It’s made from exquisite French lace, pearls and preciosa crystals, and is a combination of a headdress and veil in one.

Joy Veil by Jannie Baltzer Joy Veil by Jannie Baltzer

Pearl Detailed Shoes

Another idea is to have pearl details on your wedding shoes. Emmy London designs beautifully embellished shoes, and I love their unique style. I have picked out some of my favourite designs with pearl detailing.

The Aurelia shoes with their pearl beading and sequin details are gorgeous. These showstoppers are made from the softest ivory kid suede with silver leather straps. A sexy and classic shape with lots of glamorous embellishments.

Aurelia Shoes with Pearl Detail by Emmy LondonPearl Beading on Back of Aurelia Shoes by Emmy London

My second choice are the Francesca wedding shoes. Hand-beaded using Swarovski crystals and mother of pearl, they are extremely intricate to make and a real labour of love.

Francesca Shoes by Emmy LondonDetail on Back of Francesca Shoes by Emmy London

Finally, I have chosen the Ivy shoes in silver, which are both stunning and sensible. They are the perfect combination of super soft silk satin and supportive metallic leather straps, trimmed with an exquisite pearl and crystal teardrop T-bar.

Ivy Shoes in Silver by Emmy LondonDetail on Ivy Shoes in Silver by Emmy London

Pearl Bridal Jewellery

When choosing your bridal jewellery there are all sorts of things to consider, depending on the style of your dress and maybe your choice of hairstyle. You may want to tie your pearl bridal jewellery into a detail on your dress, if it’s particularly ornate. Or, you may have a very simple style of dress that you wish to accessorise.

The first thing to decide is what sort of accessories you would like to wear and which are the most important to you. For example, if you know that you want to wear a big statement headpiece then you may want to go for something a little simpler elsewhere. Or, you may wish to choose a selection of dainty pieces including a headpiece, necklace, earrings and a bracelet, or any combination of these.

Whether you are going for genuine cultured pearls or faux pearls, there are lots of options to choose from. Popular choices still include the classic white or cream pearl sets, including a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. More modern pearl bridal jewellery choices include pendants, earrings or headpieces. The pearls in these are often mixed with other gems such as crystals or diamanté.

Pearls are great because they come in so many different shades and sizes, which means that it is quite easy to get a good match with the colour of your dress.

Pearl Earrings

When choosing pearl bridal jewellery one can never go wrong with a pair of pearl earrings. They’re always elegant, and they’re extremely versatile so you can wear them after your wedding. Here are some of my favourites…

Gloria earrings by Stephanie Browne and Ginger earrings by Victoria Fergusson

Gloria Pearl Earrings by Stephanie BrowneGinger Pearl Earrings by Victoria Fergusson

Roma earrings by Victoria Fergusson and Morning Light earrings by Agnes Walker…

Roma Pearl Earrings by Victoria FergussonMorning Light Pearl Earrings by Cherished

Pearl Headpieces

Your headpiece style will usually be dependent on whether you want to wear your hair up or down. However, the following pieces could actually work with either. I have chosen a selection of different styles ranging from flexible, boho style pieces on hair wires, to ornate statement crowns, to gorgeous, dainty combs and hair pins.

With its 1920’s vintage feel, this headpiece, Eugenia by Jannie Baltzer is glamour, but updated for the modern bride. Preciosa crystal chains, crystals, pearls and guipure lace flowers adorn the flexible wire. This piece is perfect for a garden or beach wedding with a bohemian inspired dress.

Eugenia Headpiece by Jannie Baltzer

Abby by Jannie Baltzer is simple yet very elegant. The flexible wire is adorned with luxurious French lace, sequin flowers and Preciosa crystals and pearls. You could wear this piece traditionally away from the hairline, or across the forehead for a more boho look.

Abby Headpiece by Jannie Baltzer

Eloise by Jannie Baltzer is a very pretty piece adorned with two lace flowers, Preciosa crystals and pearls. The flowering vines are delicately embellished with tiny petals and Preciosa seed beads. This piece is so romantic!

Eloise Hairpiece by Jannie Baltzer

The Fiorentina Crown by Stephanie Browne. Stunning golden diademe with hand-painted gold leaves, Swarovski crystal, and Swarovski crystal pearls. This statement piece is perfect for daring brides looking for something unique.

Fiorentina Crown by Stephanie Browne

Pearl Combs and Hairpins

I adore these lovely and brilliantly versatile Ginger Hairpins by Victoria Fergusson. Six silk tulle petals make up these flowers which weigh almost nothing and enhance any hairstyle. Have fun and try them with as many wedding hairstyles as you want.

Ginger Hairpins by Victoria Fergusson

Inspired by wild flowers, lace, and bohemian glamour, this Fiorentina Comb by Stephanie Browne has a certain softness and flexibility that works with any hairstyle.

Fiorentina Comb by Stephanie Browne

Pearl Detailed Bags

My final pick is this beautiful Gemmiflorous clutch bag by Elizabeth Bower. It has a combination of pearl and diamanté detailing, and is the perfect size for carrying your wedding essentials.

Gemmiflorous Pearl and Diamante Clutch Bag by Elizabeth Bower

I hope that you like my selection of pearl bridal jewellery and accessories, and that I have inspired you to wear pearls on your wedding day!

Guest post by Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Bridal

Images from designers, provided by Luella’s Bridal