As a hair and make-up artist who does weddings all year round, I wanted to break down why winter bridal beauty is my favourite, and how you can achieve a stunning winter look. Keep in mind, I used to do hair and make-up in Michigan and now live in a beach town in Florida. Even though the climate and setting are different, the winter trends stay the same.

When I think of winter, I think about the holidays. What comes with holidays? Gold, sparkle, shine, reds, burgundy and plums!


I love this time of the year because its means sparkles. Typically when doing bridal make-up I use one shimmer shadow and two matte shadows for contrast. I love using gorgeous golds, bronzes and silvers before I accent a warm, chocolatey brown or a dark plum, and a nice, bold lash complements these looks very well. I absolutely love to see a picture of a bride with her glam eyes glancing down at her bouquet — stunning!

Winter Bridal Beauty Eye Make-Up Look

If you want a more natural winter bridal look, consider using a light champagne shimmer with a light brown or nude coloured matte shadow to give you that ‘just enough’ bridal look.


Even my brides who prefer a natural look want their skin tones perfected. A lot of my winter brides want to continue the theme of glam and ask me to make them ‘glow’. Using a liquid illuminator mixed with your foundation can give your skin and face an amazing luminous look.

Bride with Winter Skin Tone

If you worry it may be too much, add a touch of highlighter to the highest point of your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. Sculpt your face with a nice warm bronzer and finish with a touch of blush to your cheeks. Don’t forget, the winter months can dry our skin so make sure to prep your face appropriately with moisturiser.


Which lip colour do you wear as part of your winter bridal beauty look? Should you wear something bold like red or plum to go with the winter theme? As a bride you need to wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

Bride with Winter Bridal Lips

I do love a rich red on lips, and I typically use the blue undertone reds to ensure my beautiful brides have the whitest smile possible in their photographs. I also admire the deep plums and purples. They are definitely great shades for the winter months — deep, dark and they make a statement. If you are more of a nude shade girl, use a lip liner slightly darker than your nude shade and add a little clear gloss to give you a little something extra.

Winter Bridal Hair Accessories

The current trend of hair flowers is lovely, but if you are a winter bride make sure those winter blooms with endure the cold weather. Check with your local florist which type of flower is best during that season for your location.

Bride Wearing Winter Bridal Hair Accessory

Jewelled brooches are another option, and most hairstylists can pin these in. I love the idea of wearing a family gem or jewel in your hair for sentimental value. If you don’t have anything like that just search online. You can order any type of glamorous clip or romantic vine for the hair at a cost effective price. You could even consider a white feather for a winter bridal statement.

Whether you’re a glam goddess or a natural beauty type of bride, there are lots of ways to add a little extra glitz and glam to your big day. I hope these winter bridal beauty tips and tricks help make your wedding extra festive.

Guest post by Ashlee Ann of Tampa Makeup Artist

Images from Shauna Lynne Photography