And the winner is… Mirrorbox Photography!

Groomsmen pretending to do Street Fighter moves - Picture by Mirrorbox Photography

This clever picture by Mirrorbox Photography received the most votes in our October Picture of the Day competition to become the tenth picture to go through to our Picture of the Year vote in January. Sequoia and Sam told us where the idea for the picture came from and how they got the shot…

“Over the years we’ve tried to cultivate a style that’s a step away from the usual mainstream wedding photography. In doing so we’ve attracted couples who are after the same thing — a set of wedding photos that truly reflect them as a couple. This was exactly what happened with Lindsey and Craig. We hit it off with them straight away and knew that the wedding day they had planned would work perfectly with our style.

“Before the ceremony we went for a walk with the groomsmen, looking for a cool spot to take their portraits. Craig’s request was for a shot that was quirky — right away we remembered the internet Hadouken meme and got this shot of Craig blasting his usher out of the frame. The picture was an instant hit on our Facebook page and, more importantly, Lindsey and Craig loved it!”

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