And the winner is… Piccolino Weddings!

We now have three finalists for our 2021 Picture of the Year competition, after you voted Piccolino Weddings our March 2021 Picture of the Month winner. Taken before Karlie and Jim’s wedding in Littlebourne, this perfectly timed picture captures a moment when the bride and her bridesmaids are all engrossed in their mobile phones at the same time, as they all take a moment to relax during the bridal preparations…

Bridesmaids all looking at their phones during bridal prep - Picture by Piccolino Weddings

Engaged with Their Phone

“Karlie and Jim married in Littlebourne near Canterbury, and this image is part of the storytelling during the preparation of the bride and her bridesmaids. I can honestly say that I love this part of a wedding day because I can feel the excitement but at the same time the pressure is still low.

“Karlie and her bridesmaids had plenty of laughter and a few drinks while getting ready. At some point I noticed how everybody was suddenly engaged with their phone all at the same time, so I pressed the shutter.

“I absolutely adore when I manage to capture perfect moments like this. A second later it would have been different.”

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