And the winner is… Gardner Hamilton!

Bride with groom as Superman on chalk city skyline - Picture by Gardner Hamilton

Our congratulations go to Gardner Hamilton, after this amazing picture received the most votes in our July 2015 Picture of the Day competition poll. Inspired by the groom’s love of superheroes, Gardner told us just how much thought and work went into getting this incredible shot…

“Joe and Ana, both living and working in Santiago, Chile, contacted me when they decided they wanted wedding photography that really represented them as a couple. After spending time with them I really got a feel for who they were. As Joe is mad about superheroes, Superman being his favourite, and Ana is mad about Joe, who is her Superman, it was very clear I had to do something out the box for these guys.

“After some planning I decided to use the parking lot below their 8th floor apartment as a backdrop and shoot from their balcony. Joe did all the chalk work for me before I arrived as we only had a short period of time before the other buildings cast shadows on this scene and ruined it. I put them in place with a walkie-talkie under Ana’s dress so I could direct their body positions, and we got it on the first take.

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