This year has been filled with signature showstoppers and stylish wedding trends, from Meghan and Prince Harry’s stunning neutral flower arch, to Princess Eugenie and Jack’s eco-friendly wedding credentials. 2019 is set to be an exciting year of bridal inspiration, drawing from not one but two royal weddings and a nation inspired to make an environmental lifestyle change.

There has never been a better time to get creative and add your own personal flare to your perfect wedding day. With modern style weddings on the up, the old-school wedding rule book has gone out of the window and it’s all about making your mark! These top tips explain how you can use confetti to incorporate some of the 2019 wedding styling trends into your big day.


Less is more when it comes to a chic and timeless wedding with clean lines and simple styles. With the average age of couples marrying later in life (31 for women and 32 for men*), more couples are opting for a ‘no frills’ approach. This theme will be very popular in 2019 with couples choosing neutral and subtle colour tones to celebrate their big day.

Confetti in Embossed White Confetti Cones

Creams and dusky pinks work well with a minimalist, yet feminine theme. To incorporate these colours, use Icing Sugar and Candy Floss delphinium petals for your confetti moment. Simple and elegant presentation is at the core of this trend, so presenting these petals in white embossed confetti cones or a simple box is the perfect choice.

Bringing the Outdoors In

There is nothing more magical than a woodland wedding. For the forthcoming wedding season couples are bringing a sense of the outdoors within their wedding venue by using large floral displays, and even an indoor confetti throw. As petal confetti is dried it is easy to sweep up inside, and it only starts to biodegradable when subject to the outdoor elements.

Some couples are even choosing to celebrate their first dance as a confetti moment. All their guests shower them in natural petal confetti as an alternative to the traditional outdoor confetti photo.

Bridesmaids Holding Country Garden LOVE Wheat Letters

Adding a touch of rustic works well with this trend too. Scatter dried flowers around the venue in pails and jam jars, or even create a focal point with Country Garden ‘LOVE’ letters to enhance your venue décor.


Increasing amounts of couples are choosing reliable wedding suppliers like caterers, florists and even confetti companies with provenance and origin to ensure that they know where their materials come from. Wedding venues are more conscious than ever about how environmentally aware couples are, and you can’t get more eco-friendly than biodegradable petal confetti for your big day.

Silver Confetti Pail

There are lots of environmentally friendly ways to present confetti to your wedding guests too, such as easily recycled paper confetti cones, or other items like buckets or baskets you can reuse. Reuse baskets for fruit bowls after the big day or buckets for flowers around the house.

Scent Your Wedding

Sight and taste are often the most obvious senses couples concentrate on at weddings, but scent is sometimes overlooked. Adding scent to your wedding is a huge trend for 2019. Not only does it amplify the emotions and enhance the experience on the day, breathing in the same scent often triggers a lovely reminder in years to come.

Bridesmaid Confetti Moment with Picture Frame

Petal confetti has a subtle floral smell, but you can also add a little extra personal touch by spraying your bridal perfume over the petals on the morning of the wedding to hold a little scent of you on your big day. Instead of perfume you could spray the petals with a room scent that contrasts expectation, like lemon or strawberry.

Colourful Confetti

Creating an Insta-worthy wedding is a high priority for some couples. They want to surprise and amaze their guests, and the ultimate confetti shot is on the must-have list! Bright, bold and colourful is a sure-fire way to get likes, and it should amplify even more during 2019 with micro trends like festival vibes, rainbow themes and tropical colour palettes. This trend is ideal for not-so-shy couples who want to experiment and have fun with their wedding planning.

Confetti Pop with Colouful Confetti

We think Tutti Fruity is the ideal confetti mix for this colourful trend. The combination of bright delphiniums, cornflowers and calendula gives the ultimate splash of colour. Or, block colouring your wedding can create a bold rainbow effect, with Cherry Blossom (pink) or Midnight Bloom (purple) delphinium petals.

Not only can you experiment with colour and texture, you can also use metallic, including copper, rose gold, silver and gold. Complement your confetti by presenting it in metallic coloured confetti cones, pretty metallic sprayed jars or metal containers for guests to take a handful from.

Guest post by Shropshire Petals

Images from Shropshire Petals

*Stats from Bridebook