We all loved the recent wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. It was a beautiful and stylish wedding that many couples will take inspiration from. If you’d like to add some Royal Wedding style to your big day, here are some simple ways you can recreate some of Princess Eugenie’s wedding details…

Embrace the Season

The Royal Wedding embraced autumn, featuring flowers, foliage and colours all abundant throughout the season. Whatever month you are getting married in, use seasonal flowers and opt for a colour palette to reflect the time of year.

Lilac and White Bridal Bouquet


The use of plastic is currently a hot topic, and Princess Eugenie was keen to have a plastic-free wedding. Many couples will follow in her footsteps by looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly at their weddings. Do your research and look out for options and alternatives that are kinder to the planet.

British Flowers

Sticking with the eco-friendly aspect, choosing seasonal flowers from British growers will save air miles, help the environment and support British businesses.

Family Tradition

Many Royal brides embrace the tradition of including a sprig of myrtle in their bouquets, and Princess Eugenie was no exception. It would be lovely to see more brides keeping a family tradition like this alive, using flowers and foliage from the gardens of family and friends. Of course, Windsor Great Park is somewhat larger than the average family garden!

Colourful Homegrown Wedding Flowers


Flowers are full of symbolism. Along with the use of myrtle, the ivy trails used in Princess Eugenie’s bouquet symbolise fidelity, and the roses purity. You can choose flowers that have special meanings to you and your partner, to represent your love or remember a loved one who can’t be there with you.

Bring the Outside In

A growing wedding trend over the last few years, many couples now use trees inside for a woodland style. Eugenie encapsulated this beautifully with the use of the fabulously coloured American Sweet Gum trees in the chapel, which displayed a rainbow of autumnal gold, red and rich orange.

Take inspiration from this by thinking outside the box and researching how you can bring the outside in, especially for autumn and winter weddings.

Trees Inside Wedding Marquee

There’s no doubt that the Royal wedding has inspired us all. So, what will you take from it, and how will you make your day fit for a princess?

Guest post by Katie Hart of Get Knotted

Images from…

Bouquet: HBA Photography

Table Flowers and Trees: Kevin Greenfield