A wedding is, above all, the bridal couple’s love story and an opportunity for them to share it with their guests. In this post we’ll explore some ways you can tell your story through your wedding stationery in creative and fun ways, while injecting your personality and individuality into the storytelling.

Think About Your Interests

One of the first things to decide on is the theme of the wedding, as this will carry through in the stationery. Do you have interests in common such as travelling, books or a particular genre of music?

Travel Themed Wedding Stationery

If you love travelling, for example, your order of service could include photos of your favourite travel destinations and a short message of a special memory of that place. To carry this travel theme through you could name the tables at your wedding venue after a destination. You could even include significant events, for example:

  • Paris (1st date)
  • Venice (1st kiss)
  • Barcelona (1st weekend away)

You could line the envelope of the wedding invitation with a world map for added effect. If you love books, each table could have the title of a favourite book instead of a table number.

Relationship Facts

How about stationery that includes photos of the two of you at different ages, with brief details on your relationship? Perhaps how you met, how you got engaged, any interesting facts etc.

Wedding Invitation with Photos of Couple as Children

Each table could have a ‘quirky facts’ card about you which would add an element of fun as well as information. This is a great way for your guests to find out more about you, especially those guests who have not met one of you before.

Background and Heritage

Your wedding stationery can incorporate themes and motifs that are symbolic to you and that speak of your background and heritage. This is particularly meaningful in multicultural weddings where aspects of two cultures can be interwoven. For example, you could use the Tudor rose for an English bride and the thistle, the national flower of Scotland, if the groom is Scottish. Giving these cultural motifs a modern twist will give them contemporary appeal. Explain any significant meaning behind the symbols used, together with any unusual facts that may relate to the wedding ceremony. You can read more on multicultural wedding stationery here.

Motif Wedding Stationery


For added effect you can also use monograms as an aspect of your story. Although monograms traditionally used initials, couples now incorporate flowers, animals and symbols that are meaningful to them. They can be as elaborate and stylised as you like, and a monogram on the save the date card sets the tone of the wedding. An added benefit of a monogram is that you use it later on your personal stationery as a married couple.

Wedding Stationery Suite with Monogram

The most important thing to remember about wedding stationery is that it should tell the your love story in a way that reflects who you are, and should be true to your personality and style.

Guest post by Vaishali Shah of Ananya

Images from Ananya