Most of the focus with wedding stationery is on the invitations and RSVPs, info cards etc, known as the invitation suite. This is usually the most important part as it invites guests to your wedding and sets the tone for the big day. It’s easy to forget about the additional on the day wedding stationery you may need, so this checklist suggests some wedding stationery items you might like to order or create yourself to use on your wedding day.

Order of Service

Most religious wedding ceremonies will need an order of service so the congregation can participate in hymns, prayers and more; civil ceremonies less so. It’s nice with a civil ceremony to dedicate space to perhaps introducing your bridal party, thank you messages, explaining the story of how you met, giving an outline schedule for the day, and any other personal details. It becomes more of an Order of the Day and can be a lovely touch.

Order of Service Book

Civil Ceremony Order of Service

Menu Cards

If you’re putting a lot of love and care into the choice of your food and drink it’s great to tell your guests what they are indulging in, and if there is a story behind your choices, tell it!

Wedding Menu on Glass Plate

Marble-Effect Wedding Menu

Place Cards

The majority of weddings have some kind of seating plan, so you need place cards to show guests where to sit at the dining table. A simple tent card, a tag attached to the napkin with twine, handwritten pebbles… the options are endless, and it is a chance to get creative.

Tent Wedding Place Card

Name Tag with Lavender

Leaf Wedding Place Name

Seating Plan

When considering your on the day wedding stationery a seating plan is a must if you want guests to sit in allocated seats. The most common and traditional format of showing your seating plan is via a large sheet on an easel and board. However, the use of placement/escort cards are a favourite of ours (duplicate place cards with or without envelopes), positioned on an interesting looking display table telling guests which table they are sitting at.

There are also all sorts of beautiful statement pieces that show the seating plan, including hanging cards from the branches of trees or placing them in buckets and pots.

Wedding Seating Plan on Easel

Blue Wedding Escort Cards

Bay Tree Wedding Seating Plan

Glass Wedding Seating Plan with Leaves

Table Names/Numbers

You’ll need a way of indicating which table is which as guests enter the room. You can simply use numbers, or perhaps names of meaningful places, songs etc. It can sometimes be hard to be practical and pretty here, but there are some great options. Using photo frames can look lovely and you can re-use the frames after your wedding.

Table One Wedding Table Number

Paris Wedding Table Name Card


The above lists most of the basics, but there are lots of other on the day wedding stationery items you use. Think about bar lists and cocktail menus, a sign for where any wedding cards and gifts should go, a sign to indicate how you would like guests to find their seating, and plenty more. If you have a striking design and a good design/print company you can really make an impact here.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture Wedding Sign

Gin This Way Sign

Wedding Thank You Note

Cards and Well Wishes Wedding Sign

Wedding Drinks Menu

Pick a Seat Wedding Sign

Wedding Guest Book Sign

Think through all parts of your wedding day and what you’d like to communicate to guests at each point.

Guest post by Kelly Chandler and Simon Alker of Made with Love Designs

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