Planning to tie the knot in 2018? Need some help and inspiration for your wedding stationery? I’ve looked at the catwalk, interiors, pattern libraries and more for inspiration on what will make your 2018 wedding stationery bang on trend. No matter your style preference, there is a trend to satisfy you!

Call of the Tropics

A feast for the eyes, the tropics, with their bold and vibrant colours and sounds, are a delight for our senses. 2018 wedding stationery depicting aspects of the tropics will feature botanical motifs with vivid patterns and abstract shapes. Think leaves of different shapes and sizes in shades of green, vines twining around tree trunks, tantalising fruits and colourful tropical flowers like orchids hanging down gracefully among the branches — all bound together with strong, contrasting tones.

Green Tropical Wedding Invitation

Blue and Green Tropical Wedding Invitation

A Touch of Black

Brides are hungering for something different and edgy, but every bit as elegant and sophisticated as traditional white dresses. 2018 wedding stationery will incorporate black trims and bows to the invitations, and black flowers, beads and even a touch of black lace would provide a striking combination. A monochrome theme will also be a popular choice for wedding invitations.

Black Wedding Invitation with Flowers and Foliage

Black Wedding Invitation with Pink Flowers

Black Wedding Invitation with Bright Solid Flowers

Black Wedding Invitation with Bright Flowers


Create interest and satisfy the curiosity of guests who may not know details about how your relationship developed by telling your story. It could be the stunning skyline of a city where you fell in love, graphics of favourite restaurants, a shared hobby, or even a meaningful saying. Invites could also feature a map of your beloved destination.

Storytelling Wedding Invitation

Charming Neutrals

A neutral colour palette does not have to be insipid. Not every bride wants to make a bold statement, and subtle and soft can be extremely elegant and sophisticated. When layered together, different shades such as blush, light lavender, light grey and light blue can look charming and romantic. Add rustic touches for an earthier look and feel.

Light Blue Neutral 2018 Wedding Stationery Suite

Pink Neutral Wedding Menu

Neutral Bride Name Place Card

Girly Meadow Wedding Invitation

Marble Magic

Marbling seems to have caught people’s imagination, even in home décor, and it will also be a trend for 2018 wedding stationery. The waves and swirls of marbling can match the colour of the wedding dress, wedding theme or the venue itself. Whether the colours are soft or bold, marbling gives a flowing, relaxed look to invitations. A touch of gold, silver or rose gold marbling will give it a luxurious appeal.

Light Green Marble Wedding Invitation

Colourful Marble Wedding Invitation

Light Blue Marble Wedding Invitation

All Out Opulence

If glitz, glam and unadulterated luxury appeal to you, then you are right on trend for 2018 weddings. Whether it’s a Hollywood glamour look or a Bollywood feel you are after, wedding stationery studded with sparkly crystals, whether clear or in colours to match the wedding theme, will bring your invites to life. Combined with the softness of pearls and elegance of lace, your invites are sure to light up your wedding.

Black Lace Wedding Stationery Suite

Lace Wedding Stationery Detail

Elegant Lace Wedding Stationery Suite

Guest post by Vaishali Shah of Ananya

Images from Ananya