Flick through wedding magazines and browse Pinterest for beautiful images of weddings and you’re sure to see plenty of confetti throwing images. Have you ever wondered how they are so pretty? The majority of the time it is because the couple have supplied their own confetti for their wedding.

Traditionally guests would bring confetti to a wedding, but now it’s more common for couples to supply it themselves. There are still debates about who should supply it, so Shropshire Petals share their reasons why they think you should supply yours.

Why is Confetti Thrown at Weddings?

The throwing of confetti at a wedding marks the celebration of a newly married couple — a sign that the party is about to start!

Going back, confetti was traditionally grain, rice or flowers. Coloured paper shapes then became popular in more recent years, which each guest would bring with them in a small box. However, since we are all more environmentally aware, natural, eco-friendly confetti choices are now the preferred type to throw.

Why Supply Your Wedding Confetti?

Venue Restrictions

Most churches and wedding venues only allow the throwing of biodegradable and eco-friendly confetti in their grounds. Some don’t allow it at all unless it is off the premises.

Couple Blowing Confetti from Their Hands

Natural petal confetti not only disappears within a couple of days, it is also small and light, creating the perfect flutter as it falls over you.

Colour Match

One of the main reasons couples prefer to supply their own confetti is that they can choose the colours for their confetti moment.

Hands Holding Colourful Summer Nights Confetti

With so many choices you can match or contrast your confetti to your wedding colour scheme or styling. You can even select a bold and colourful blend which is guaranteed to stand out in your photographs.

Quantity Control

When relying on guests to bring confetti you run the risk of not having enough to make your confetti moment just right. By supplying it yourself you can ensure you have the perfect amount to create the look you want for your confetti moment.

Bride and Bridesmaids Holding Confetti in Their Hands

Whether you want your confetti photographs to be bursting with tonnes of confetti or a delicate shower, you have control. At Shropshire Petals we have a unique confetti calculator to help you work out how much you will need.

Confetti Features

As confetti marks the celebration of you becoming a married couple, why not make a feature out your confetti with beautiful displays for guests to help themselves to. Here are some of our favourites:

Woodland Theme Personalised Confetti Cones

  • Confetti Cones: Fun and easy to use, guests simply take one and throw confetti over you when the time comes. You can now even personalise your confetti cones, choosing the colour, style and text.
  • Confetti Baskets: Fill a large basket with petals to offer to your guests, or have each of your flower girls carry a basket to give them a job to do.
  • Individual Sachets or Pouches: Give each guest their own bit of confetti by attaching it to their seat or order of service.
  • Confetti Pops: Fun for all — simply pop the top and throw. Your guests will all want to have a go at throwing confetti.

Supplying your own confetti is the best way to ensure you get that magical confetti moment you’ve always dreamed of, so when the time comes, enjoy!

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