Whether you are hiring a classic, vintage or modern car for your big day you have to accept that wedding car breakdowns can occur. So how do you mitigate the chances of being without a car on the day of your wedding?

Choose the Right Company

Firstly, make sure you choose a transport company that has plenty of wedding cars and a professional mechanic that checks them over a few days before the event. You should really give one car wonders or a family member using his/her pride and joy a polite miss; after all, they don’t have backup. We receive ten or twelve calls a year from tearful brides looking for a last minute wedding car.

Broken Down Wedding Car on Recovery Truck

Check the Cars are Well Maintained

To minimise the risk of a wedding car breakdown, always go and view the cars to make sure they look good and seem to be up to the job. Also talk to the owner about their maintenance schedule — do they have a professional to look after the cars?

In the Event of a Breakdown

Check what the company’s backup plans are in the event of a breakdown and read their terms and conditions. If your wedding car breaks down on the way to the wedding it will be a big problem, as it’s unlikely that any wedding car company will be able to rustle up an instant replacement. You have to trust that your chauffeur will at least be able to contact a local taxi company to get you to the ceremony venue as quickly as possible. If you are not too far from the company’s home base they should do their utmost and try to get a replacement in time for the journey to the reception.

Fortunately, wedding car breakdowns are a rare occurrence, so don’t worry unduly. I am sure your wedding will go without a hitch.

Guest post by David Jones of The Classic and Vintage Car Company

Image from The Classic and Vintage Car Company