How many weddings have you been to in your life that felt like a chore? Gone are the days of boring traditional vows and lulls between speeches and meals.

You want your wedding to be a day to remember — not just for you, but for your guests too — and the memories of your big day to be shared for years to come. So, here are nine ways to make your wedding memorable.

Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booths are great entertainment for weddings. Not only do they add an element of fun but they also create some great mementos. The great thing about photo booths is that most will create multiple copies of each photo. This means that your guests can take a copy with them and they can give one to you.

Most photo booth companies usually provide fun props for guests to use, and you can decorate photo booths to match the aesthetic of your wedding.

Have Your Guests Add Their Photos to a Scrapbook

Instead of a traditional guest book, let your guests have fun with a scrapbook. A scrapbook can be a great addition to your wedding and something you can look back on in years to come. If you have a photo booth or a Polaroid camera ask your guests to take their own photos and add them to the scrapbook along with a message.

Polaroid Pictures and Camera

Hire a Professional Photographer

While the photos your family and friends take might be nice, they cannot compare to that of a professional photographer. Professional wedding photographers are experienced in capturing the perfect moments between you, your partner, wedding party and guests. These photos will be cherished forever and will hold up in years to come.

Have a Dessert Bar

You don’t want your guests leaving your wedding hungry, and a dessert bar filled with treats will delight your guests. Everyone will remember your wedding as the one with all the fabulous food.

Wedding Dessert Tables

Give Out Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Use

When it comes to wedding favours you want to give your guests something that they will use often. Things like cupcakes and chocolate favours will be consumed or quickly thrown away.

Consider giving items such as pens and glasses as wedding favours — a reminder of your day each time you or your guests use them. You could even personalise the favours with your names and your wedding date.

Use a Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a great way to preserve memories from your wedding day. Encourage your guests to post photos on social media with your hashtag.

Each year, thanks to apps such as Facebook Memories, you and your guests will be reminded of the event via your social media accounts.

Instagram Hashtag Sign

Have Wedding Games

The fun doesn’t have to end after your stag or hen party. If you want your wedding to be memorable, it will need to be entertaining.

There are times during a wedding where guests could be standing around with nothing to do, such as whilst you and your wedding party are having group shots taken. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate games into your wedding.

Garden games, such as Kubb, Noughts and Crosses, Connect Four and Jenga, are great ways to keep your guests entertained when they have downtime.

Keep the Bar Open

A wedding should be a once in a lifetime event, so don’t skimp on an open bar. It’s sad but true — some people start to leave when the drinks stop flowing. Liquid courage is also a great way to get your guests up and dancing. This in turn will make people remember your event as a fun and cheerful occasion.

Try to negotiate with your venue and see if you can provide your own alcohol to keep costs down.

Skip the Traditional Vows

We have all heard them before — the standard, traditional vows. So, if you can, try to write your own. This will be personal and much more entertaining to your guests.

Another way to liven up the ceremony is to choose a celebrant that isn’t afraid to entertain. Also, keep the ceremony short and sweet and then you can get onto celebrating your marriage.

Try some of these suggestions at your wedding to make it as memorable as possible. Good luck, and here’s to a long, happy and memory-filled marriage!

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