Midweek weddings are becoming more popular with couples who want to save money or avoid having to wait years for their wedding day. While Saturdays are still the most popular day of the week to get married (closely followed by Fridays and Sundays), more couples are having weddings during the middle of the week and reaping the benefits.

Here are four reasons why you might want to consider having a midweek wedding.

1. To Save Money

Ever heard the saying “buy the worst house in the best area”? Apply a similar ethos to your search and you could bag an amazing wedding venue at a bargain price. By considering the traditionally less popular midweek wedding dates you could book that exclusive wedding venue you thought you couldn’t afford, or have extra cash to spend on other areas of your wedding budget.

Wedding Ceremony at Sledmere House

2. To Get Married Sooner

Did you know that peak days at the most sought-after wedding venues become fully booked up to 18 months to two years in advance? If you don’t fancy waiting that long, check out what midweek wedding dates are available and you could tie the knot in under a year. What’s more, you’ll find there are often late availability venue discounts if you plan to marry within the next four months.

3. A Day Off for Your Guests

The biggest concern most couples have about booking a midweek wedding is their friends and family having to take time off work. But put yourself in their shoes — wouldn’t you rather go to a friend’s wedding than spend a day at work? Provided you give everyone at least a month’s notice, most employers should let people take a day or two off.

Wedding Guests Relaxing and Laughing

4. Mini Break Opportunity

Guests coming from further afield might take the opportunity to combine attending your midweek wedding with a mini break or long weekend. Why not research the interesting local attractions and accommodation available for tourists and provide this information to your guests?

Whatever date you choose for your wedding, it’s likely there will be someone who can’t make it. It’s important to remember that you can’t please everyone and it’s your day. Embrace its true meaning and enjoy this special day with the people you are closest to.

Guest post by Jemma Williams of Country House Wedding Venues

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