Choosing your wedding rings is a special experience, and an important decision that will endure long after your special day is over. The wedding bands you choose are much more than just part of the ceremony on your wedding day — they are a lasting symbol of your never-ending love for one another. For this reason many couples choose to have matching wedding rings to show just how in sync they are. Rebecca Baillie of Laings of Glasgow looks at the pros and cons of matching your wedding ring to your partner’s.

The Pros of Matching Wedding Rings

One of a Pair

Matching wedding rings are typically the more traditional option. It shows that you (and your ring) are one of a pair and can act as a symbol of your bond to each other. Yellow gold bands are a classic option as there are many choices out there for both men and women.

Pair of Matching Wedding Rings

The simplest way to match your rings is to keep it classic with a court shaped wedding ring. For ladies a more delicate 2mm is perfect, while men can make more of a statement with a masculine 5-6mm. A pair of matching wedding bands is the perfect choice for all those hopeless romantics out there.

Bling It Up

Many brides-to-be dream of adding an extra touch of sparkle to their style with a diamond set wedding ring, but does that mean you have to give up your dream of matching your ring to your partner’s? No, not at all!

Laings Palladium 6mm Diamond Wedding Ring

Laings Palladium 6mm Diamond Wedding Ring

We all know that many guys are partial to a bit of bling and retailers have finally realised that they’ve been missing out. There are so many options out there for diamond set wedding rings for men that neither of you have to worry about losing your sparkle.

Colour Matching

If you decide that yellow or rose gold is the one for you it can look extra special when your ring matches your partner’s. White gold, platinum and palladium have arguably been the most popular choices in recent years, but the timeless appeal of yellow gold and the soft hue of rose gold is definitely making a comeback.

Matching Wedding Bands

If you choose to stick with the ‘white metal’ look the bride may want to match her wedding ring to her platinum engagement ring, and things can get a little bit pricey if you also want the groom’s ring to match. But fear not; palladium is often a more budget friendly option for the groom without compromising on the look of a matching pair, so everybody wins!

The Cons of Matching Wedding Rings

Style Wars

The bride-to-be loves her rose gold engagement ring but her groom will settle for nothing but yellow gold — uh-oh, we have ourselves a style war.

Laings Men's Palladium Yellow Gold 5mm Wedding Ring

Laings Men’s Palladium Yellow Gold 5mm Wedding Ring

If you and your partner have strong opinions about the different metal options available it is probably going to be difficult to come to a decision on a matching pair of wedding rings. There are lots of men’s wedding bands that offer a ‘two-tone’ style — perhaps rose and white gold or yellow and white gold can offer a compromise when there is a difference of opinion.

To Sparkle or Not To Sparkle

If you love an extra glamorous, diamond set look but your other half isn’t so keen you probably won’t be able to convince him to don diamonds on his wedding ring. But that doesn’t have to mean that your dream of wearing matching wedding bands is over. Rather than trying to match the bling factor why not just keep the metal types the same? This will give you both a similar overall look and you don’t have to worry about losing your sparkle.

Engraved Wedding Rings

For an extra special touch why not have both of your rings engraved on the inside with a special message or the date of your wedding? Engraving makes for a truly romantic secret touch that only the two of you know about.

So, when asking the question should you and your partner match your wedding rings there really is no right or wrong answer. It’s simple — whatever works best for you!

If you are just starting your search for wedding rings or could use a little help and guidance, Laings of Glasgow has a wonderful selection of men’s and ladies wedding bands including diamond set and eternity style options. Their selection is available in store and online. As family jewellers since 1840 you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

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