Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you want it to be perfect and memorable. At first glance, hiring a wedding planner may seem a little extravagant, but in the long term it will save you time, money and, of course, stress! So what should you look for in a wedding planner?

Do Your Research

Firstly, do a little research and select the best two or three wedding planners that appeal to you. Look at their website; does it have testimonials and photographs? Take a look at their ‘About Us’ tab too. This should give you an idea of how long they’ve been a wedding planner and what their previous experience has been.

Meet Them

Before hiring a wedding planner you should arrange to meet them for coffee or invite them round to meet you and your fiancé at home. This is incredibly important. This person is planning the most important day of your life — you have to get on and feel a synergy between you.

Metting with Wedding Planner and Chatting Over Coffee

The best wedding planners will listen to what you want your day to be and will advise you on a timeline of what should be done and when. They’ll work within your wedding budget and will have the best suppliers already on board, giving you peace of mind that you are getting first class value for money.

As you head closer to the main event all you need to do as the bride-to-be is sit back, relax and let your wedding planner do what they do best — plan weddings!

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

  1. A good wedding planner will be able to chat with you and visualise the day as you have dreamt it and then make those dreams a reality.
  2. They will help you to provide creative, practical and cost-effective (where required) ideas and solutions to help realise your special day.
  3. As we all know weddings can be a costly affair, and the mention of the W word can send your budget soaring. Your wedding planner will be able to keep these in line and help you stay on the straight and narrow.
  4. The planning and preparations for a wedding can sometimes take in excess of 250 hours. Your wedding planner will be able to save you some of this so you have more time to spend with your loved one.
  5. Not only will your wedding planner be there for the build up to the big day, but they will also be on-hand on the day to make sure everything goes to plan and all the little details are perfect.

Article by Julie Tooby

Image from Unsplash