Bride and Groom decided to ask people about the most bizarre wedding requests they had ever heard. They received some pretty outrageous responses…

It’s a monumental day that most women have been dreaming about since they were a little girl. It’s a day where all eyes are on them, where everything must be perfect.

Going through bridal magazines, Pinterest boards and bridal boutiques, the bride has meticulously selected her dress from the thousands she laid her eyes on. The flowers have been painstakingly chosen from a wide variety of bouquet combinations. The playlist will have caused a fair few arguments due to different tastes in music. Long distant family members and old school friends will have been frugally cut from the guest list.

With so much attention to detail, from the design of the wedding invitations to the type of wine served at dinner, it’s no wonder that the bride and groom can get a bit overwhelmed.

As pressure mounts to create the perfect wedding, panic can ensue and a Bridezilla is born. This can cause the happy couple to do and say some pretty bizarre things…

Sick Best Man

Sick best man - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“I used to work at a hotel which accommodated weddings. The best man got drunk and threw up on his suit before they had a chance to take any pictures, so he asked me to swap suits with him.”

Nudist Wedding

Nudist wedding - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“Went to a nudist wedding — one of the most uncomfortable days of my life.”

Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at weddings - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“They all p*ssed and sh*t inside, all over the velvet carpet. One even sh*t while they were walking down the aisle.”

Cutting the Cake with a Sword

Cutting wedding with a sword - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“I was a wedding organiser and, during one ceremony, the only thing that the groom insisted upon at the wedding was that he cut the cake with a sword.”

Wedding Ceremony in a Pool

Wedding ceremony in a pool - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“So at this point I was dressed in swimming apparel, reeking of sunscreen, and standing in a whale-shaped kiddie pool while my father was remarrying.”

Clothes Swap

Couples swapping clothes at wedding - Bizarre Wedding Requests

“A groom once requested that all men wear dresses and girls wear suits [yeah, that’s not happening].”

So, there you have it, from a bride dressed as a groom, to a bride wearing nothing at all! What are some of the most bizarre wedding requests you’ve ever heard? Let us know.

Guest post by Bride and Groom Direct