In this digital age it’s all too easy to have all your photographs stored on your computer, shared on Facebook, and never have any of them printed out or made into an album or book. The majority of wedding photographers will now happily send you a disc of all your wedding photos. So, why would you need them reproduced in an album which may cost hundreds or thousands of pounds extra? Or maybe you do want that beautiful wedding album but, having the images on disc already, real life takes over and you never find time to make your choices and have an album ordered. It happens all too easily, and we’ve seen several clients in that position.

Of course, seeing your wedding photos displayed on the pages of a beautifully hand-crafted wedding album is far more impressive than having them on your Facebook page. That’s why we encourage all our couples to add an album to their coverage. But what types of wedding album are there?

Wedding Album Pages

Queensberry and Folio Albums

We use two great album companies which both offer top quality products — Queensberry and Folio. Queensberry has been a world leader in high-end albums for years now, and their finished albums really do have that ‘wow factor’. The images can be displayed on flushmount/digital pages where the pictures become part of the page and can run right to the edges. Clients can also still have matted pages with prints mounted into the page in a more classic style. The majority of our customers choose to have a mix of both, which looks amazing.

Wedding Album Examples

Folio Albums offer a slightly more modern style of album, with photographic paper which helps the images look their best. These are simpler albums which appeal to couples looking for something less extravagant but still very high quality.

Treasure Your Memories

My wife, Evelyne, does all our album designs. She uses the client’s chosen wedding photos to put together something which tells the story of the day, while showcasing the images in the best way possible. What we’re aiming for is a gorgeous, finished album which will help bring the day back to couples and their families years, and even generations, later.

Imagine having all your wedding photos on your computer and nowhere else. One morning you wake up to find your computer gone after a break in. It’s a nightmare scenario but one which happens more than you might think. So, I encourage you to back all your photos up and keep them in more than one location. I also think those photos deserve to be printed out and presented in a way which truly shows how important they are to you and your family.

Many people say that their wedding album is the first thing they’d rescue in a fire; treasure yours.

Guest post by Steve Gerrard Photography

Images from Steve Gerrard Photography