Are two wedding photographers better than one at your big day? Well, the short answer is, perhaps. A lot of photographers now include a second shooter with their wedding coverage. However, this isn’t always necessary and, if you’re having a smaller more intimate wedding, additional cameras might be a distraction. So, when should you consider two wedding photographers?

Weddings with Large Guest Lists

I always suggest that my clients consider a second photographer when their guest list starts to head towards 140 — 150 people and they require a large number of formal photographs. Most couples I meet are looking for predominantly ‘candid’ or reportage type coverage, but with some of the more formal or posed images as well.

With a bigger guest list a solo wedding photographer will be less likely to capture everybody, especially during the drinks reception when the formal shots will most likely take place. Having two wedding photographers means that a larger number of the formal and ‘natural’ shots will be covered.

Bridal Entrance Photographed by Two Wedding Photographers

Bride and Groom Preparations

Similarly, I’m quite often asked to capture some photographs of the groom’s preparation for the day, perhaps at lunch or in the pub with the boys. Most brides request bridal preparation photographs too, so no matter how good your photographer is they can’t be in two places at once.

Also, as illustrated, it can be great in a large church or cathedral to have two angles of view. It also cuts down on ‘movement’, which will please the vicar!

Most wedding photographers will insist that they supply the second shooter, and this makes sense as the two of them need to work as a team. It’s also essential that the second photographer’s style of photography is sympathetic to your main shooter’s way of working.

Guest post by Lloyd Dobbie

Images from Lloyd Dobbie