In a previous post I wrote about the different styles of wedding video out there. This time it’s the turn of the optional wedding video extras offered by many wedding videographers. What’s available will vary between companies, but will often include some or all of the following…

Guest Interviews

Guest interviews is a very popular option that gives you and your guests the opportunity during the reception to say a few words for posterity. You can do this in a couple of ways. By setting up a room or an area with a chair or two and a video camera you can create a Big Brother style ‘diary room’, with guests filtering in a few at a time to speak to the camera. Alternatively your videographer can go up to people throughout the reception and ask them to say a few words.

Bride Kissing Groom on the Cheek

Wedding guests are usually happy to say a few words to camera. Often they will say lovely, moving things about you and your special day, offer advice for a long and happy married life, or just appreciate the opportunity to tell you how they feel about you.

Love Story Video

Another of the more popular wedding video extras is the ‘Love Story Video’. Like a pre-wedding photo shoot, this is a video filmed before the wedding. Your videographer films the two of you at home or a place that means something to you, telling the story of your relationship. You can show this at your reception or it can form part of a beautiful introduction to your wedding film. It’s also a great way to get to know your videographer and ensures you’ll feel comfortable with them and their camera on the day.

Couple Walking Holding Hands

Photo Montage

As the name suggests, a photo montage is essentially a slide show of photos, usually set to music. Some couples like to use shots of them growing up to start the wedding video, or photos of them throughout their relationship. Of course, with the permission of the wedding photographer, it could be a montage of your wedding photos, or, to finish the video, you might choose a collection of honeymoon photos.

Extended Highlights Version

Most videographers will provide you with a wedding video lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. Many will offer a brief ‘highlight’ reel of around five minutes too, which is perfect for posting on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. I’m sure you’ll love to watch the full length version over and over again, and pretty much anyone who knows you will enjoy the five minute version. But for friends and family who want to see more but don’t have an hour and a half to spend, something in-between might be nice.

Bride and Groom Cutting Wedding Cake

This is exactly why some videographers offer this option of ‘extended highlights’. Usually lasting around 30 minutes, this takes in all the key points (the vows, kiss, cutting the cake etc), picks the best bits of the speeches and dancing, and generally gives a really good impression of the day without overdoing the detail.

Are any of these wedding video extras really necessary? No. If your budget is tight, use it to get the most coverage from the best videographer you can find. However, if you have a little extra and want something really special, these extras can definitely increase your enjoyment of the most precious DVD you’ll ever own.

Guest post by Jim Cliff

Images from…

Bride Kissing Groom on Cheek: Warren Grime of Howelljones Photography

Couple Holding Hands: How Photography

Cutting Cake: Lovestruck Photography