Whether you love the camera or hide every time a friend whips out their phone for a quick snap, you can be sure that on your wedding day you’ll be the one in focus. If you are feeling a little nervous, here are my top tips to help you feel relaxed and confident for your wedding photos…

Have an Engagement Shoot

If there’s one thing that’s going to help you in front of the camera on the big day it’s having a practice run beforehand. An engagement shoot gives you the chance to get to know your wedding photographer, feel comfortable with them and for them to give you a few tips and pointers in private.

Couple Walking Holding Hands on Engagement Shoot

Talk to Your Photographer

We’ve all got bits we love and bits we’d rather ignore, so if you don’t like your arms, nose or any other bits, chat to your photographer in advance. We can give you lots of tips and ideas, plus we’ll know more about what makes you tick before your wedding day. Your photographer wants you to love your wedding photos, so the more they know and understand, the more chance they have of giving you shots you’ll adore.

Think ‘Red Carpet’

There’s a reason why celebs pose the way they do on the red carpet, and it’s easy to copy them on your big day. For example, the ‘hand on the hip’ pose is great for helping your arms look great in photos. If that’s too much for you, just practice holding your arms slightly away from your body with your shoulders relaxed. You’ll really notice the difference.

Couple Posing for Wedding Photographs

It’s All About the Angle

Angles really are your best friend when it comes to photographs. A slight twist of the body can make your waist look smaller, and leaning more onto your back leg can help create flattering curves. Again, your wedding photographer can help you out, and you can practice your poses on an engagement shoot too.

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Now this one might sound a little silly, but if you think confident/gorgeous, that’s how you’ll look in your photos. As Roald Dahl said “if you have good thoughts, they’ll shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look happy”.

Your wedding day shouldn’t make you feel tense, and your photographer shouldn’t terrify you. Be happy, enjoy yourself and you’ll get great photos.

Happy, Smiling Bride-to-be

Ignore the Photographer

If you can forget that someone’s lurking around with a camera then you’ll definitely feel much more relaxed. Even when it’s time for your couple photos, if you can concentrate on your partner and enjoying your time alone with them, your photos will be so much more natural.

A good wedding photographer will also give you subtle direction rather than spending the day bossing you around, but if you’re not sure what to do, ask.

Relaxed Couple Sitting Together on Wedding Day

Do a Little Research

Now I’m not advocating you spend hours comparing yourself to models or other brides, but spending a little time checking out popular poses on blogs and in magazines will help. You’ll notice that couples, brides and grooms are often posed in similar ways, and that’s because those poses work. See what you like, what suits your style and then have a little practice.

Trust Your Photographer

Finally, and most importantly, trust your wedding photographer. Trust their experience and trust that they want to give you wedding photographs that you’ll want to show off for years to come. Remember that the best pose ever is ‘happy, loved-up newly-wed’ and you won’t go far wrong!

Guest post by Amanda Karen Photography

Images from Amanda Karen Photography