The confetti moment continues to stand the test of time. You’ve just married and your nearest and dearest are showering you with celebratory confetti! But wait… to capture an iconic confetti shot it’s important to take a few things into consideration to ensure your confetti moment is one to treasure forever…

Preparing Your Confetti Moment

Discuss the Location with Your Photographer

Talk to your photographer to identify the location which offers the perfect lighting and surroundings for your confetti moment.

Confetti Moment Outside Church

Confetti Options

There are different types of confetti available and your venue may have strict guidelines about what you can and cannot use. More often than not, venues will request that you use biodegradable confetti or real flower petals.

When using real flower petal confetti I’d recommend smaller petals, like delphiniums. They flutter delicately and gracefully over you allowing plenty of time to capture the perfect shot.

As a special added touch you could spritz your confetti with your favourite wedding day scent, providing a magical perfume as you walk through your confetti shower. Heavenly.

Confetti Colours

There are so many confetti colour varieties available. Consider your wedding colour scheme as well as the location for your confetti moment. If you have a light or dark background it’s worth choosing a contrasting colour for maximum impact.

Bride and Groom Under Shower of Confetti

Confetti Quantities

As a general guide, about half of your wedding guests will throw confetti, but depending on whether you want a light shower or a fuller confetti shot, you can adjust how much you provide. Most suppliers give guidance on how much confetti to order so you can make sure you have enough.

Throw Like a Pro

Make sure your groomsmen and bridesmaids lead the way when throwing the confetti. Ask them to stand close together and to throw the confetti as high as they can to create the perfect flutter. The last thing you want is clumps thrown straight into your face!

Alternative Confetti Moment Ideas

Why not break the mould and do something unique by capturing some alternative confetti photographs? Shropshire Petals share their favourite ideas…

Blow Petals at the Camera

Bride and groom blowing confetti from their hands

Blowing confetti at the camera makes for a stunning photograph, and you can make this as intimate or as fun as you like. Why not get your photographer to capture you blowing into the camera and then groups of your guests too. After the wedding you could print the pictures onto separate canvasses as a great feature for your home.

Romantic Petal Path

What could be more romantic than walking on a bed of petals down the aisle towards your other half, to your favourite song or tune.

Bride and groom on path of confetti petals

Scatter petals down a pre-made aisle or make one by lining each side with small glass jars filled with fresh flowers. You can scatter as much or as little confetti as you like to create the path, depending on how dense you want it to be.

Ask your photographer to take some photographs of you both standing on your path with guests throwing confetti over you too.

Just the Girls

Bride and bridesmaids throwing confetti in the air

Every bride wants photographs of herself with her bridesmaids, so use your confetti to make some fun memories. You could each take a handful of confetti and throw it up above you, allowing the petals to fall slowly over you all.

Helping Hands

Someone holding confetti in their hands

Confetti might be one of the first or last things you order, but many couples forget to photograph it on its own as a detail to remember. We love photographs of bridesmaids holding a handful of confetti, which will also make another great photograph for your wall. Just get your bridesmaid to hold her hands together to form a bowl, and then place enough confetti in her hands to fill them.

Fun with the Children

Are you having a flower girl or children at your wedding you want to create some unforgettable moments for? Why not capture some fun photographs of confetti being thrown over them. You can use some of your venue’s features, such as a swing or water feature, to capture some special moments.

Flower girl on swing as confetti falls around her

Make the children feel part of the wedding by telling them that they will be having their own special confetti moment. This will definitely be a photograph you will cherish.

Don’t Use Confetti

Bridesmaid Blowing Bubbles

If your venue doesn’t allow confetti there are alternatives. You could bring out your inner child and opt for fun bubbles instead. Perhaps you could go green and use herbs an environmentally friendly alternative to confetti that smell incredible and fresh. Or, forgo the throw completely and ask your guests to hold sparklers to light the way for the newly-weds at the end of the evening.

Guest post by Liesl Lamare of Lamare London and Shropshire Petals

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