Your relationship with your wedding photographer is really important. The better your photographer understands you and your plans for the day, the better they’re able to provide you with a service that you’ll love. So, helping your photographer to get to know you and your wedding style is definitely a good idea, and it’s really easy to do.

Here are ten things you can do that will make a big difference to your working relationship with your wedding photographer.

1. Share Your Pinterest Board

Yep, with just a click you can share your vision for your big day with your wedding photographer. Pinterest boards are super helpful because they’ll show your photographer the style of wedding you’re aiming for. As you refine them over time, your photographer will get a great idea of what to expect on the day.

Aerial shot of wedding flowers

2. Talk About Your Priorities

Everyone will have a list of wedding priorities, so talk about them with your photographer. Again, these will give your photographer a real insight into what makes you tick and what’s going to be important to you on the big day. For example, if you talk about your friends and family and how much you want to share the occasion with everyone you love, then your photographer knows that people are really important to you, and this will be reflected in your wedding photos.

3. Arrange a Pre-Wedding Shoot

This has to be the best way for your photographer to get to know you because you’ll actually work together on a mini-shoot. A pre-wedding shoot not only prepares you for having photos taken on the day, it’s also a great opportunity to chat and talk through the plans you’ve made.

4. Discuss Which Traditional Elements Will Be Part of Your Day

Some couples love wedding traditions, some don’t, and others pick and choose what they want. Again, by telling your photographer what you’re including you’re showing them the kind of wedding you’re planning and also what’s important to you.

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5. Share Your Wedding Day Timeline

This is essential, so definitely share your wedding day timeline with your photographer. Knowing how much time is available at the key points in the day will help them plan their photography so you get all the shots you want without feeling rushed or hurried at any point. As a guide, aim to be ready 30 minutes before you leave for your ceremony so that you’ve got time for some photos at this point too.

6. Explain Any Special Details

If you’re including any special details in your day, explain these to your wedding photographer. It might be that you’re adding quotes from a book, photos of relatives or details that relate to your relationship, your hobbies or family history, and these all need capturing. If something is important to you, make sure you tell your photographer so that they capture this for you.

7. Discuss How You Feel About Group Shots

Again, discussing which group shots you’d like gives your photographer a lot of help. Not only does it show how much formality you want in your day, it also helps them plan the group session and make sure they’re totally prepared with enough time to get everything that you want. It’s easy to think one way about group shots and then change during the planning process, so keep your photographer up to date!

8. Talk About Any Surprises You’re Planning

If you’ve got a sparkler exit, a choreographed first dance, photos during the speeches or any other kind of surprise planned, tip your photographer off in advance. This means they’ll be in the right place at the right time to capture everything.

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9. Go Through Things You’re Worried About

Knowing what you’re worried about is also important for a wedding photographer. They can help put you at your ease, and on the day they can then work to make sure that you’re happy with everything. If you’ve got personal worries, family stresses or anything making you panic, speak to your photographer.

10. Have a Chat Over Coffee

Just like getting to know anyone, sometimes its best done over a coffee in a low-pressure way. Taking a little time out to chat with your wedding photographer makes a real difference to your relationship because you’ll find out things you’ve got in common and your personality will just shine through. The more your photographer knows about you and your plans, the better they’ll be able to tell the story of your wedding day through fantastic, beautiful images.

Guest post and images by Amanda Karen Photography