Styling your wedding with flowers is one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning process. Extravagant or simple, chair decoration is a lovely way to add floral details and can add the finishing touch to your design scheme. Wedding chair flowers can help to define the ceremony aisle, highlight the top table at the reception and make the bride and groom’s chairs stand out from the rest.

A single, blousy bloom is all it takes to add some glamour to the occasion. Here are some of my suggestions for the best wedding chair flowers…


It’s always lovely to add scent to a wedding, and fragrant stocks make beautiful posies for aisle and ceremony chairs. Available in ice cream colours, their enduring popularity never fails to delight.

Pink Stocks


For those who love the multi-petal look, peonies are a must. Everything about them says summer, and their popularity makes them the most romantic choice for wedding chair flowers. They’re definitely one of our favourites!

Peony Wedding Chair Flowers


The bold, round shape of hydrangeas makes them a good choice because a little goes a long way! We love them for an autumn wedding, when the garden varieties take on rich, vibrant hues as the weather turns cooler. Bunched together on chairs with deep coloured roses and berries they make a striking statement.

Wedding Chair Flowers with Hydrangea

Chair Bunches

Post ceremony, chair bunches can be moved to the top table and make the perfect complement to garlands of flowers or foliage for the bride and groom.

Bride Sitting on Chair with Flowers

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Stocks: Flickr by rdoroshenko (CC BY 2.0 license)

Peonies: Ann-Kathrin Koch

Hydrangea: Especially Amy

Bride sitting on Chair: Andrew Yep Photographie