Flower and foliage wedding garlands have been used for centuries, but in recent years they seem to have fallen out of fashion in favour of more stylised designs. With the rise of a more botanical style of floristry, together with a greater interest in historical influences, I think this age-old tradition is set to make a well-deserved comeback.

Wedding garlands are a wonderful way of decorating a ceremony space or reception venue. They can be as adaptable as you want, and make a great alternative to traditional pedestal arrangements. We tend to associate garlands with specific times of the year, such as Christmas, when we use them to dress staircases and fireplaces. Used throughout the year they are hugely versatile, and you can adapt them to any season and style.

Natural Garland Designs

For a natural, woodland inspired design, mix abundant foliage, branches and natural elements such as moss and lichen to really bring the outside in. This style of garland is perfect for a rustic and informal wedding celebration. Heavily swagged, it gives a feeling of luxury but won’t break the bank with seasonal greenery.

Woodland Natural Wedding Garland

Threaded Flower Garland Backdrops

As a ceremony backdrop, threaded flower wedding garlands are a wonderful way of adding drama and impact. The elegant bell shaped trumpets of longiflorum lilies make a stunning focal feature against a plain wall, and contrast perfectly with delicate trailing foliages. These beautiful flowers, so loved by our grandparents, deserve to make a comeback.

Threaded Lily Flower Garland Wedding Backdrop

Wedding Cake Garlands

We usually think of wedding garlands as large statement pieces, but that doesn’t have to be the case. How about a cake garland? Gypsophila has made a real comeback, and in its pink form makes the perfect decoration for a wedding cake, sweet or savoury.

Gypsophila Wedding Cheese Stack Garland

Wedding Table Garlands

If you like the idea of a garland for your wedding, think about its practical uses for your venue. Are there any particular areas that need decoration where a traditional arrangement wouldn’t quite work?

Long top tables are a case in point. If your table has a large expanse of tablecloth facing your guests, how about a fern garland? Our Edwardian forebears really knew how to dress a table, so take a leaf out of their book and swag delicate fronds of asparagus fern across the front of the table to complete the setting.

Fern Wedding Table Garland

Whatever time of year, whether flowery or green, think about how wedding garlands can make a statement at your wedding.

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Woodland Garland: Thomas Broom and Petersham Nurseries

Lily Threaded Garland: meandyoulookbook

Gypsophila Garland: Mick House Photography

Fern Table Garland: Kate McCarthy Photography