When it comes to your wedding flowers, be a green, eco-friendly bride. It’s all the rage, and choosing eco-friendly wedding flowers is the easiest thing to do…

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Choose wedding flowers that are in season. You will get better quality, price, and they will have probably been grown a lot closer to home. If you aren’t sure what is in season around in the month you are getting married, read this guide to seasonal wedding flowers.

Sweet Peas

Buy British

Ask your florist to source your flowers from British growers. Although the choice isn’t as vast, you can still get a whole host of beautiful blooms, especially in the summer months. Look out for roses, delphiniums, lisianthus, freesias and sweet peas, to name just a few.

Garden Wedding

Why not pick a garden wedding venue? Not only will you get extra pretty pictures and a lovely laid back feel, you will be surrounded by ready-made decorations too.

Bride and Groom in Garden


Be extra lovely to family members and friends that have pretty gardens or green fingers. Hand-grown and picked wildflowers have a beautiful charm, and are in fact my idea of heaven.

Potted Plants

Instead of cut flowers, use pretty plants and potted herbs for your table centres (which will help the room smell delicious). You could even give them away to your lucky guests as wedding favours. Two birds, one stone?

Potted Plants and Herbs on Wedding Table

Recycle, Grow, Re-Use

If you don’t want to give plants away, how about recycling some old glass bottles with a single wild bloom in it? Or, give each guest a packet of seeds or a Pocket Garden so they can grow their own memories of your special day.

Pocket Garden Kit

Where you can, re-use your flowers. Move table centres to the ceremony room to decorate the space, and then ask your ushers to move them to the wedding breakfast. Your guests won’t even realise they were the same blooms.

Natural Petal Confetti

Use natural rose petals instead of normal confetti. The petals are completely biodegradable, will match your big day perfectly, and look extra pretty in your pictures.

Bride and Bridesmaids Throwing Confetti

Fairtrade and Organic Flowers

Look out for Fairtrade and organically grown flowers; although these can work out to be more expensive, the environment will be a lot happier.

Guest post by Steph Turpin of Fairy Nuff Flowers

Images from…

Sweet Peas: Fairy Nuff Flowers

Bride and Groom in Garden: Claire Basiuk Photography

Pot Plants: Marianne Taylor Photography

Pocket Garden: Randall Photography

Bride and Bridesmaids Throwing Confetti: wolken-mit-i