Are you thinking of having a blue colour scheme at your wedding? Here are some ideas for blue wedding flowers…

In the last six months I have met increasing numbers of brides who are using a shade of blue as a key colour in their wedding scheme. Popular shades include rich midnight blue for a very glamorous look, soft powder blues for a tea party scheme, or sea inspired blues for a beach theme

Choosing blue wedding flowers can sometimes be a little difficult dependent on the season, as there are very few true blue blooms. You need to choose carefully as you may end up with a scheme that looks more lavender than blue. Also, under no circumstances should you ever let a florist persuade you that dying your flowers is a good idea. Just one drop of rain and you could end up with a lovely blue stain on your dress.

I thought I would introduce you to some of the options for blue wedding flowers available at different times of the year, and how to complement a blue scheme even if you are not using blue flowers.

My top five blue flowers are…


Coming in soft powder blues to deep ‘Chelsea’ blue and available from May to November. Hydrangea is a flower very much in vogue, and one that provides loads of impact.

Caution: hydrangeas are not great when kept out of water on a hot day.

Blue Hydrangea


A tall stem that provides height and drama, ranges from pale to royal blue, and is available from May to November. Delphinium looks fantastic on its own or with a collar of hydrangea underneath.



A really beautiful country garden flower in a soft mid blue. Nigella is adorable for a country garden scheme, and one of my favourites for a soft, delicate bouquet.

Nigella Flowers


Sometimes known as the grape hyacinth, Muscari is a fabulous spring time stem with a beautiful scent — available from December to May. It works so well as a ribbon tied bundle for a napkin decoration.

Muscari Flowers in Bottle


A late summer stem that is stunning in colour — only available for a short time between July and September. Cornflower makes a perfect buttonhole.


If you can’t use blue wedding flowers or can’t find the shade that you like, then why not accessorise vases and bouquets with ribbons, coloured water and gems to give the accent colour that you need?

Blue Wedding Table Styling

Blue Ribbon Tied Around Wedding Bouquet

Guest post by Emma Lappin

Images from…

Hydrangea: Unsplash

Delphinium and Nigella: Pixabay

Muscari: Fiona Kelly Photography

Cornflower: Neil Walker Photography

Blue Vases and Glasses: Kate Nielen Photography

Blue Bouquet Ribbon: Jude Middleton Photography