There are no sweeter words than ‘open bar’ at a wedding. However, there’s one very important thing to remember as a wedding guest: if you can’t spot the drunk guest requesting the Macarena and attempting to start a twerk-off with the father-of-the-bride, then the drunk guest is probably you — and you’ve had a little too much wine. So, in the spirit of wedding season, Lauren of Last Night of Freedom rounds up drinking etiquette for wedding guests…

Do NOT Steal Her Thunder

Girl holding microphone at wedding

The bride has been planning her big day for months (since she was a little girl, in fact), and it’s certainly not going to be fun for her if she has to stop you drinking all of the free champers and breaking into an impromptu dance to Tina Turner ‘Rolling on the River’, during the best man’s speech.

Bubbles Are for the Toast


It’s traditional for champagne to be served before the speeches, so make sure you put it to one side. You’ll be the only one without a glass of fizz and, as we all know, it’s just not the same toasting with a glass of tap water.

Water is Your Best Friend

Glasses of water

We don’t want to sound like your mother here, but it’s important to keep hydrated at a wedding. Five hours of an open bar will take its toll on even the most seasoned of drinkers and, if you are hoping to wake up refreshed and ready to take on breakfast the next morning, you’re going to have to get your hands on some water during the wedding.

Do NOT Drink the Bar Dry

Girls drinking shots

As much as we want to pretend we can handle eight gin and tonics and half a bottle of wine — we can’t. Yes, it may be a free bar, but you do not want to be remembered as the guest who attempted to do the splits on the dance floor, ripped her dress, sobbed in the toilets and spilt wine down the groom.

Put Down the Red Wine

Drinking red wine

Whilst we are on the subject of wine, a white dress and red wine do not maketh a great partnership, so if you’re wandering over to congratulate the bride and groom, put down that glass.

Keep it Together

Woman with wine staring

If you’re single at a wedding, you will, most likely, receive a barrage of sympathetic head tilts and pep talks from people you’ve never met before, but just keep it together, ladies. Try not to head straight to the bar and befriend a bottle of Pinot Grigio — it can only go downhill.

Guest post by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom