Multicultural weddings are more common than ever before; it makes perfect sense to incorporate the heritage and traditions of both families. One of the best ways to celebrate the heritage of both the bride and groom is through a multicultural wedding menu, and it’s a superb chance to make a real statement.

An Exciting Challenge

I was once asked to cater a wedding where the bride’s dad was first generation Persian, her mum was a Yorkshire lass, and the bride was marrying an Australian. Catering for this multicultural family was an exciting challenge. We served Rare Beef Fillet Yorkshires with Rocket and Béarnaise served as canapés, and a choice of Iranian Lamb with Jewelled Rice or Steak and Chips for the main course.

Rare Beef Fillet Filled Yorkshire Puddings

We loved creating this menu; nothing gives me more pleasure than getting really creative. On this occasion I even had a cook off with the dad to see whose Persian lamb was the best (need you ask who won?).

Fusion Fun

If you are planning to create a multicultural wedding menu don’t be too worried about absolute authenticity. Fusion can be fun and creates something new and unique to the bride and groom.

We worked with an Asian groom who was marrying an English bride, and her family didn’t necessarily want to eat Indian food. Our solution was an International picnic for each table, with a nod to Asian cuisine. Delicious home-made samosas and Indian vegetable dishes, served alongside a slow cooked lamb dish. The guests had the opportunity to choose Asian accompaniments (raita for example) or mint sauce.

Lamb Kofta, Falafel and Tzatziki

If mixing up your food in this way doesn’t appeal to you, you can always stick to a more traditional wedding breakfast, but go wild with your canapés and incorporate the various food cultures here.

Guest post by Karen Kemp of Kemp and Kemp Catering

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Rare Beef Fillet Filled Yorkshire Puddings: Elen Studio Photography

Lamb Kofta, Falafel and Tzatziki: Kemp and Kemp