Food brings people together, gets people talking, and makes people remember. We love nothing more than to give wedding guests an experience that will last a lifetime, and over the last 20 years we’ve seen trends come, go and come back around again. We’ve put together our list of trend predictions for 2018 wedding menus.


We think 2018 will be the year vegetarian mains make a statement on wedding menus. In the past there have been limited options for vegetarians, but with wedding caterers thinking outside the box veggie options will become more popular. Some brides and grooms may even ditch the meat and go full veggie for their 2018 wedding menus.

Vegetarian Dish

Revamped Classics

Guests rave when they see their favourite food on the menu. 2018 wedding menus will see lots of updated versions of the warm and classic comfort foods we all love, especially in the form of canapés. Think deviled eggs and avocado.

Deviled Eggs

Healthy Canapés

Healthy eating is the top of most people’s agendas, especially if you have a jam-packed wedding season. Guests may not want to stuff their faces full of mini bangers and mash or sliders, so having a healthy option of mini frittatas or cucumber and hummus sandwiches is a must for wedding canapés in summer 2018.

Healthy Cucumber Canapés

Local Produce

Local ingredients support the community and taste utterly amazing. Couples have already started to request we use their local butcher, and we feel this trend will take off in 2018, along with seasonal specialities. This enables couples to give their guests something you can’t get anywhere else.

Local Meat

There are also a few trends we think will carry through from 2017 to 2018 wedding menus…

Relaxed Catering

Sharing and mix and match has slowly worked its way in over the last two years, and now it’s here to stay. It offers something different from the traditional fine dining style of catering. Not everyone wants fancy-pants fine dining — some want a laid back and relaxed style of dining that’s more versatile, inclusive and fun.

Relaxed Dining

Perfect Pair

One of the biggest catering trends over the last few years is pairing canapés and cocktails. We love this one and it carries through from the relaxed/sharing trend. Think Tequila and Tacos, Martinis and Steak Bites, Gin and Chilli Cheese Bites and the much loved Sliders and Craft Beer. This trend is sure to stick around for 2018 wedding menus.

Slider and Beer

Meaningful Menus

This is a personal favourite of ours. We love to sit down with a couple and design a bespoke menu that reflects them as it gives a complete unique touch to a wedding. You may want to include your grandma’s secret family recipe, serve food from the country you met, incorporate your background or recreate the meal from your proposal. The possibilities are endless and this is a trend that will live on through 2018.

Waffle Stack

Guest post by Taste Cuisine

Images from Unsplash, Except Cucumber Canapés from Pixabay (All Public Domain)