Looking ahead to spring/summer 2010, ‘nude’ is set to be the popular fashion colour of choice for this season’s wedding celebrations.

Light browns, nudes and beige have appeared on many runways and are a great alternative to stark whites. Use tonal shades of beige and peachy-pink. Dress your bridesmaids in nude and add touches in your floral bouquets using ribbons and accessories.

Monaco Nude Coloured Wedding Cake by Maisie Fantaisie Close-Up of Monaco Nude Coloured Wedding Cake by Maisie Fantaisie

Matching Nude Shades

Instead of ivory or white go for the trendsetting soft nude-beige for your wedding cake. There are many shades of ‘nude’, and your cake maker can mix icing in any colour. Provide them with a colour swatch from a bridesmaid dress or ribbon. You can even give them a paint tear card or an image ripped from a magazine to ensure you get the colour you were expecting. There are so many shades of ‘nude’ that you want to make sure you get the right one! Complement these colours with a touch of gold for a totally elegant wedding.

Frill Wedding Cake by Maisie Fantaisie Close Up of Frill Wedding Cake by Maisie Fantaisie

Many couture dress designers are using beautiful tiers of ruffles over layered fabric for a very feminine look. The ‘Frill’ cake design pictured incorporates this trend. Although iced in white, with a little imagination it’s easy to visualise the example in ‘nude’ tones, perhaps with a coffee flower decoration, or muted pastels — fabulous!

Guest post by May Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie

Images from Maisie Fantaisie