It’s official — metallics are in for 2017 weddings. This hot trend is bringing on the bling, and your wedding cake is no exception. Metallics will bring a sense of occasion, excitement and elegance to your wedding day. No matter what people think of them, they will certainly stop and look. So how do you bring some glitz and glam into the mix to create a truly sensational showstopper? Here are some ways to inject some sparkle into your wedding cake.

Create Metallic Accents

If you love the idea of metallics but you’re after a subtle wedding cake look, using gold, rose gold or silver as an accent colour is a great way to execute the trend.

Autumnal Walks Wedding Cake with Metallic Details

The great thing about metallic colours is that they go with nearly everything. Dusky rose hues with gold accents look just as amazing as purple with a hint of silver, so have a play around with colour palettes until you land on something you love.

Go Full-Foil

Not literally, of course, but if you’re a bit of a magpie then why not go for an all over metallic look on your wedding cake? There are several ways to achieve this. Painting the icing, edible gold leaf, edible gold spray and gold food colouring all achieve subtly different looks, from bold gold to subtle champagne — and the same goes for silver.

Ophelia Gold Wedding Cake

Talk to your cake designer about the type of aesthetic you’re aiming for and they will talk you through your options.

All That Glitters

If you adore sparkle why not go for glitter? You can either go for a chic, strategic sprinkling, cover your whole wedding cake, or find a happy medium. Glitter also gives you much greater freedom when it comes to colour choices.

Natalya Wedding Cake with Glitter Detail

But beware — your guests will be finding glitter on their clothes for months to come, so be prepared to sell this as a wonderful reminder of your big day.


Finally, dazzle your guests with a jewelled wedding cake. You can really have fun with your cake designer here. You could opt for a contemporary casing of jewels or rhinestones, or create a vintage-inspired look with elaborate patterns, brooches or heirloom pieces.

Elizabeth Wedding Cake with Crystal Stud Detail

Just make sure the jewels are either edible or removed before you serve your guests a slice.

Some Dos and Don’ts

DO make your wedding cake a part of your overall colour scheme. It will look much better in context if everything is cohesive.

DON’T mix and match metallic shades. Gold and silver, for example, rarely go together and can risk confusing the eye.

DO tell your photographer that you plan to use a lot of metallics in your wedding theme. Metallic shades can be harder to photograph due to glare from daylight and flash.

DON’T be afraid to play around with ideas until you know what you want. The metallics trend is a real statement look, so make sure it’s the statement you want to make.

DO go with your gut. If you can’t stop staring at a design for all the right reasons it’s probably the one!

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

‘Autumnal Walks’ Wedding Cake with Leaf Detail and ‘Elizabeth’ Wedding Cake with Crystal Detail by GC Couture

‘Ophelia’ Gold Wedding Cake and ‘Natalya’ Glitter Wedding Cake by The Abigail Bloom Cake Company