A wedding cake has to taste as good as it looks, and look too good to eat. When choosing a wedding cake the most important thing is to choose a cake that really speaks to both of you and fits with your personality and taste. There is nothing better than putting your feet up at the end of your wedding day and tucking into a delicious slice of your wedding cake.

Choosing Flavours

The first thing to consider is the flavour. Trying out cake flavours should be one of the most enjoyable wedding planning experiences. Don’t be afraid to try flavours that are outside of your current favourites, as flavours you would originally dismiss could actually end up being your firm favourites.

When deciding which flavours to choose, remember you can have different flavours in the different tiers. You may want to choose a safe option which will satisfy the majority of guests, in which case you cannot go wrong with vanilla or chocolate. But why not dare to be different with a unique flavour for one of the tiers too, to create a talking point amongst your guests.

Whitney Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Dietary Requirements

The second thing to consider is the various dietary and religious requirements of you and your guests. When you are sending out your wedding invitations it’s common practice to ask guests if they have any special dietary requirements. You can then cater for these, whether it’s a gluten-free, vegan, diabetic or vegan cake option.

Choosing a Cake Style

A wedding cake, however, is so much more than a fantastic dessert. It’s a visual masterpiece and it forms the centrepiece to your wedding, pulling together your styling elements and adding a touch of luxury and awe.

When you book your cake consultation ask what you will see and experience during the consultation, as every cake provider offers a different experience. If you want to visually see your cake come to life, ask if the cake maker has dummy models of cakes. You can then have a play around with the cakes and show your cake maker what you like and don’t like.

Also, don’t forget to bring lots of visual ideas to the consultation with you. If you don’t know where to start when choosing your wedding cake design, think about the style of your wedding and any particular colour schemes.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Image of Whitney Wedding Cake from GC Couture