The majority of the time I get asked to make classic white or ivory wedding cakes, perhaps with a splash of colour here and there to tie in with the colour scheme of the wedding, so I really love it when a bride chooses a coloured wedding cake instead of following tradition.

Pale Cake Colours

By keeping the base colour really soft and pale the cake is still going to look more like a wedding cake than something created for another celebration, such as a birthday or Bar Mitzvah. White detail or floral decorations on the cake really stand out on a coloured background. This is a look I often encourage couples to go for to put a modern twist on what could be quite a classic and traditional looking cake.

Pale Blue Coloured Wedding Cake with White Piping

Light Beige Coloured Wedding Cake with White Piping and Flowers

Brightly Coloured Wedding Cakes

However, if you are going for the fun, informal and alternative look for your wedding, then choosing a brightly coloured cake would be a great option. Asian weddings are usually very rich and opulent in colour, and are often combined with lots of metallics which can be easily painted, dusted or sprayed onto a wedding cake.

Blue and Gold Coloured Asian Wedding Cake

If you do choose a colourful wedding cake it is a good idea to play around with colours first. Use some coloured paper, material or even a computer to make sure the colours all sit nicely together.

Play with Colours

It’s important to realise that while colours might look nice next to each other, they might not always look right on top or overlapping each other. They can often become lost or even change the look of one another completely. Always ask your cake designer for their opinion too as they should know what will and won’t work.

Green Coloured Wedding Cake with Leaves and Flower Detail

Seasons might also influence the colour of your wedding cake. Shades of yellow and fresh greens are perfect for spring, blues and pinks for the summer, oranges, reds and brown for autumn, and whites and metallics for the colder months.

Guest post by Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour

Images from The Cake Parlour, except Blue and Gold Wedding Cake image from Kismet Photography