Great things really can come in small packages, and that’s certainly true of wedding cakes. Miniature wedding cakes may be tiny, but they can still make a mighty impact. If you’re not quite convinced, read on — there are plenty advantages to going mini. If you love the idea of scaling down your wedding cake, there are plenty of ideas to inspire and get you started.

Miniature Cakes — A Multitude of Individual Options

There are many benefits to having mini wedding cakes. When cakes come in individual portions it’s a lot easier to cater for individuals and have control over elements like flavour choice, dietary requirements and so on. If you have friends with tricky allergies, or lots of complex dietary choices, mini cakes could provide the perfect solution and keep everybody happy and well fed.

Cupcakes with Chocolate and Marshmallows

With so many flavours available we wouldn’t blame you for not being able to settle on just one. If you have your heart set on Fruitcake Without the Bits while your other half prefers Chocolate and Orange, miniature cakes mean that nobody has to compromise. You also don’t need to think of complex ways to flavour each tier of a traditional wedding cake.

Individual portions can give you the best of many worlds. They allow your guests to sample a selection of your favourite tastes, and solve any potential planning disputes before they even arise.

Go Small… and Big

Opting for miniature wedding cakes doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the traditional cake. Displaying your cakes on a stand leading to a full-sized top tier can look absolutely beautiful. It also gives you more room to experiment with the mini cakes’ decoration to complement the top tier, and each other.

Cupcake Tower

Alternatively, if your budget allows, you can have a tiered wedding cake with smaller exact replicas of your main cake. Trust me, there’s nothing more adorable than mini cakes with tiers.

Another option is to forgo individual portion sizes entirely and opt instead for a spread of medium-sized, but still reasonably small, tiered cakes. This way you can still control elements like flavour, décor and dietary considerations, whilst presenting a unique and stunning display.

Use Your Mini Cakes as Décor

Miniature cakes can form a gorgeous part of your wedding day décor. They can be individually decorated using the wider theme or colour scheme, so that they really pop at the reception.

Wedding Colour Scheme Themed Cupcakes

For example, if your colour scheme is blush pink and gold, your cakes could be uniquely decorated so that they showcase these colours in different ways, still within a cohesive theme. Or, colourful cakes laid out in a stunning colour gradient will create a beautiful rainbow effect.

You could display your mini cakes as a delectable tower, even if you’ve decided not to have a full-sized top tier. Mini cakes give you an opportunity to get visually creative, and have lots of fun in the process.

Use Mini Cakes as Wedding Favours

Let’s face it, there are people out there who don’t save room for cake. Nobody we know, of course, but apparently it happens. After feasting on canapés and a big wedding breakfast, some guests might prefer to save dessert for later.

Mini Cake Wedding Favour

Providing individual cakes, packed up and ready to take home, gives guests the option of tucking in after dinner or having a sweet treat for later. Alternatively, serve them as dessert and save time on cutting and distributing a larger cake.

Mini wedding cake favours also provide a unique opportunity for personalisation. If you have the budget it’s possible to ornately initial each cake. If not, perhaps include a handwritten note in the packaging.

However you decide to incorporate miniature wedding cakes into your wedding dessert plan, remember to have fun, trust your instincts and, of course, find a cake designer that you love to help you bring your vision to life.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

Chocolate and Marshmallow Cupcakes: Studio 623 Photography

Tiers of Cupcakes: Jess Yarwood Photography

Cupcakes in Wedding Colours: Delicious Photography

Mini Cake Wedding Favour: Fiona Kelly Photography